Taylor Swift - Lover
Taylor Swift - Delicate
Taylor Swift - Style
Taylor Swift - Red
7 yil oldin
Taylor Swift - 22
7 yil oldin
بنين كريم سلمان زراعي
بنين كريم سلمان زراعي 14 soat oldin
2020/12/1 it decmer
Mahima Dhami
Mahima Dhami 14 soat oldin
This song ain't getting old.
Vicente Raquel Quezada Martinez
Vicente Raquel Quezada Martinez 14 soat oldin
thank you bella Henrik your music is the best thank you blessings
Nidhi Chopra
Nidhi Chopra 14 soat oldin
Viki Y
Viki Y 14 soat oldin
bruh, I just don't get why he would leave Taylor for some average looking girl
Gabrielle Jones
Gabrielle Jones 14 soat oldin
lest see whos watching this rn in december on the 1st
Georgio 14 soat oldin
omg 9 millions till 3B QUEEN TAYLOR!!!!
Jordan Clements
Jordan Clements 14 soat oldin
8 years later and your listening to this your toxic
Maricota Machado
Maricota Machado 14 soat oldin
epoca boa vey
Vilania cerylia
Vilania cerylia 14 soat oldin
Kiki do you ❤ me?
Travis Wittliff
Travis Wittliff 14 soat oldin
When this song first came out I found it kinda annoying, but now that I re-listen to it, I love it so much! Taylor is a goddess and I love all the little references and cameos in the video. I especially loved the little scene at the end with Katy. I've always been a Katycat, and when I heard she and Taylor were in a small feud, I was devastated. But seeing that scene at the end representing the official end of it just warms my heart. If only I wasn't such a misanthropic person, I think this song and video would have fully restored my faith in humanity. But I'm happy that despite it only being a small amount of faith restored, it's any amount of faith at all.
Charli D'emilo
Charli D'emilo 14 soat oldin
Anyone in December
love so much
Caroline Fritzen
Caroline Fritzen 14 soat oldin
RadionMusic 14 soat oldin
Those times before 2010 and the 2010s was the time when she was it. Not really anymore, the world changes
Jhaspher Hill
Jhaspher Hill 14 soat oldin
its december again
Ana-Marija 14 soat oldin
happy 22nd to me
anuja vr
anuja vr 14 soat oldin
You need to Clam down
Em Asian
Em Asian 14 soat oldin
I'm here for Bon Iver
Anzala Aiman
Anzala Aiman 14 soat oldin
Those who like taylor's music hav the superior taste in music. Thats it, I said it.
EXO my first and last
EXO my first and last 14 soat oldin
when you are the august girl..
Davon Doliente
Davon Doliente 14 soat oldin
I'm 17 now and still listening
murad ahmad
murad ahmad 14 soat oldin
haters gonna hate hate hate and lovers gonna love love love taylor why can't you see
Corpsey Jikook
Corpsey Jikook 14 soat oldin
Almost 3B!!!!
reputation era was such a moment
Georgio 14 soat oldin
omg imagine a whole tour just for the re recordings😳😍😍
murat taş
murat taş 14 soat oldin
Belki birgun burayıda fethederiz...
Viviane de Jesus Valega
Viviane de Jesus Valega 14 soat oldin
alguem br?
Greenray 14 soat oldin
Joey King is in here too lol I never noticed that
Lonely Driver
Lonely Driver 14 soat oldin
scooter gang does not approve
بنت الناصريهTF
بنت الناصريهTF 14 soat oldin
بنت الناصريهTF
بنت الناصريهTF 14 soat oldin
Georgio 14 soat oldin
It's been 1 year since this masterpiece, im so happy that I watched that when it came out😭😭😭❤❤❤
Tris 14 soat oldin
This song feels like home
qq 14 soat oldin
so cute
Adam Harlow
Adam Harlow 14 soat oldin
I have the same pain a girl i was inlove but was with someone else
Suculentas Da vovó
Suculentas Da vovó 14 soat oldin
2020 anyone?
Oyun_ Bağımlıları
Oyun_ Bağımlıları 14 soat oldin
Millet türk varmı ?
DioBan 14 soat oldin
perfect, youtube
Đặng Gia
Đặng Gia 14 soat oldin
01/12/2020 We're all back but feel like Christmas hit so difference this year. Because of Covid-19, a lot of disasters and lost
Vasantiben Lad
Vasantiben Lad 14 soat oldin
So nice
Half_is_me 14 soat oldin
We all need to stand, and if we fall, we should fall together. It's better than falling alone, but don't stay, get right back up!
Tehreem Tehreem
Tehreem Tehreem 14 soat oldin
Happy 1st December
lola dhal
lola dhal 14 soat oldin
let’s see who’s watching this in December
nam nguyen
nam nguyen 14 soat oldin
Evi DgSunggu
Evi DgSunggu 14 soat oldin
And i'm listening this song tonight... december 1st' 2020
Hayden Alison Swift
Hayden Alison Swift 14 soat oldin
Waiting for Christmas 🌨️❄️☃️
Wizjosse 14 soat oldin
9 years
Ihvon Jannie Tolentino
Ihvon Jannie Tolentino 14 soat oldin
Let's just shake this pandemic off. This too shall pass. Stay safe everyone!!!😊
mimi 14 soat oldin
11 years later I noticed that the nerd Taylor is also an actual hoe for wanting to confess to a guy who has a gf 👀
ass butt
ass butt 14 soat oldin
I’m back here it’s December
Ihvon Jannie Tolentino
Ihvon Jannie Tolentino 14 soat oldin
Road to 3B views😍quarantine made us listen to every legendary songs.
Yes Maybe no
Yes Maybe no 14 soat oldin
I thought this music video was real as a child, until I realized they were paid actors
Teerawat Keawkhaew
Teerawat Keawkhaew 14 soat oldin
Kyle Passmore
Kyle Passmore 14 soat oldin
11 years later and the 'Rona is singing this to people around the world...smh
Mr Insanity
Mr Insanity 14 soat oldin
This is just the ex's pov from You Belong to Me
AIDEN HEDIN 14 soat oldin
it can not be true, taylor swift has made a 8th album
SOMI S 14 soat oldin
6 m vi3ws on this vocabulary rich song?
Atike Ersan
Atike Ersan 14 soat oldin
XanderSW 14 soat oldin
It's December guys :)
Jolee Loza
Jolee Loza 14 soat oldin
This was 11 years ago
Nirmal Jomon
Nirmal Jomon 14 soat oldin
Those who are watching this on December. I think u have a great taste of music
SOMI S 14 soat oldin
Remember how Taylor was anxious of this collab. She was unsure if Justin would accept to collab or not so she asks Aaron Dessner to ask him out and Justin was so inspired by this song that he wrote the bridge part ;) and the bridge part is tbh the most beautiful and harmonious part of this song.
Júlio Cézar
Júlio Cézar 14 soat oldin
7 years later, If you're watching this your a legend
Haya Sunna
Haya Sunna 14 soat oldin
OMG look at that face you look like my next mistake *roasted*
Briella Griffiths
Briella Griffiths 14 soat oldin
The most wonderful song ever
GINNA VESELY 14 soat oldin
Danna Abu Zeid
Danna Abu Zeid 15 soat oldin
Never forgettable song
Benjamin Button
Benjamin Button 15 soat oldin
If we can't make it to 3billion before Taylor's birthday,let's just do everything to reach 3billion before 2021!!
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan 15 soat oldin
I choose to stay alone.
Jessica Benhame
Jessica Benhame 15 soat oldin
This song is a masterpiece. Give them the Grammy now.
SOMI S 15 soat oldin
You're listening to grammy nominated song "exile".
sophie barber
sophie barber 15 soat oldin
howwwwww is this one of taylor's most underrated songs like wth when this album came out i played this song like 50 times a day and no one really acknowledges it. like at all. we love you taylor
SOMI S 15 soat oldin
cardigan achievements:- ▪ Peaked at no. 1 on billboard hot 100 ▪ Spent 2 weeks in top 10 on billboard hot 100 and overall 14 weeks on the same chart ▪ gained 18 m vie3s in one day. ▪ most str3amed song by a female artist on its debut day on spotify ▪ won best music video at AMAs 2020 ▪ nominated for "song of the gear" and "best pop solo performance" at grammys. I just want to edit the word "nominated" to "won" :D
Rafaela Santiváñez
Rafaela Santiváñez 15 soat oldin
to beautiful she might get a grammy
annisa 15 soat oldin
we can't move on so we go back to December.
Ed Nst
Ed Nst 15 soat oldin
Hello Taylor Swift. I am From Indonesia
AudreyB1992 15 soat oldin
Yaaaaaasssss! Lafayette from True Blood 😍💖
H NS 15 soat oldin
01 Desember 2020
**Danijela Jegdić**
**Danijela Jegdić** 15 soat oldin
Omg thats Lukas Till - new MacGyver