Taylor Swift - betty (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “betty” - off her album ‘folklore.’
Album available here: store.taylorswift.com
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Anjitha A
Anjitha A 9 daqiqa oldin
This has become one of my fav 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Furn Lomboy
Furn Lomboy 44 daqiqa oldin
love this song
Wenzhe Lu
Wenzhe Lu Soat oldin
Can we all agree that Betty and the August girl deserve someone better than James
지용 현진 VIPSTAY 2 soat oldin
Okay so who comes here because Hyunjin suggested this song? 😂
지용 현진 VIPSTAY 10 daqiqa oldin
@bibi 5 eyyyyyyy 😂
bibi 5
bibi 5 15 daqiqa oldin
José Britto
José Britto 2 soat oldin
Musica linda
Twerking llama boi
Twerking llama boi 2 soat oldin
Yall are buying bubble tickets? Yall are rich. I'm broke af 😭
Brooke Miller
Brooke Miller 2 soat oldin
Does anyone know the song that sound like this part 0:30 of this song is it’s been bothering me cause it sounds like the chorus of another song. I’m not saying she copied or anything it just reminds me of another song I just can think of the name or anything if someone has any idea plz help I’m going crazy !!
Levi Ackerman Left toe nail
Levi Ackerman Left toe nail 2 soat oldin
Who came here because of hyunjin?
icybella02 3 soat oldin
stays, welcome!! we’re glad to have y’all here (: stream folklore besties 😁💕
jiunie bae
jiunie bae 3 soat oldin
i came here bcs hyunjin reccomend this song for me & stays
Jobelle Cajosay
Jobelle Cajosay 3 soat oldin
Sheryll Medellada
Sheryll Medellada 3 soat oldin
I think she got the name "Betty" from Friends. Phoebe wrote and sang a love-triangle-song.
liznicow 4 soat oldin
whos here for hyunjin from skz? hahhaha
태국puteri alia
태국puteri alia 4 soat oldin
who's here bcs hyunjin recommended it?
Kicky Chaca
Kicky Chaca 5 soat oldin
I'm here because last night Hyunjin of Stray Kids recommend this song on Bubble :) :) :)
Jack Kitchen
Jack Kitchen 6 soat oldin
She sounds so much like Danielle haim
JP UUU 7 soat oldin
Jisung ah
Jisung ah 7 soat oldin
Hyunjin recommend this song to stay, and as a stayswiftie i’m so happy, he’s taste is immaculate
Charlien Yaku
Charlien Yaku 9 soat oldin
Veo que varias vinimos por Hyunjin y su recomendación
Amelia Nieves
Amelia Nieves 9 soat oldin
Hyunjin from skz on bubble suggested this to me😭😭💖
Kate swift
Kate swift 2 soat oldin
No one asked
hellokkami 11 soat oldin
i came here because someone special recommended this song 🥰 and yes you know who’s im referring to
Hyunjin STAY
Hyunjin STAY 11 soat oldin
Im listening to this song because of hwang hyunjin from stray kids
serene loves to eat
serene loves to eat 3 soat oldin
same here
hyunluvly 11 soat oldin
Here cause Hyunjinie recommended this and I’m actually loving it 🥺🥺
idk._. 11 soat oldin
Uhm im here because of Hyunjin haha
seung know
seung know 11 soat oldin
I am here because Hwang Hyunjin. Thank you boy.
Flor De
Flor De 11 soat oldin
Hyunjin dijo que escucháramos esta canción y acá estoy 💖🥺
Mayu 12 soat oldin
hyunjin bubble club, rise
Sweet Love
Sweet Love 12 soat oldin
*I'm here because Hyunjin recommended this song on bubble*
Lisa BTS
Lisa BTS 8 soat oldin
Juliana Cunha
Juliana Cunha 12 soat oldin
Hyunjin recommended this song 💙
Christiano Bangnaldo
Christiano Bangnaldo 12 soat oldin
Hyunjin recommend this song... That's why im here
Jazzle Ericka Tumlad
Jazzle Ericka Tumlad 12 soat oldin
I’m a Swiftie and came here again because Hyunjin recommended it. Ah, My heart ♥️
CatZ 13 soat oldin
Hwang Hyunjin recommend this song.. so here I am ❤️❤️listen to this song..
เบลลไง จะใครละ
เบลลไง จะใครละ 13 soat oldin
Come because of Hyunjin.
alexa izzy
alexa izzy 13 soat oldin
Hyunjin told me to listen to this on bubble so here I am.
Cing Chiang
Cing Chiang 13 soat oldin
I come here because of hyunjin 😌
haneen fadl
haneen fadl 13 soat oldin
Hyunjin taste↗️
minho lee best boy
minho lee best boy 13 soat oldin
Hyunjin recommend this song❣️
hyunjin‘s babuuu
hyunjin‘s babuuu 13 soat oldin
Hyunjin recommended me this song. Tbh i don’t really like taylor swift but this song is really pretty
serene loves to eat
serene loves to eat 3 soat oldin
same, came here after hyunjin recommended this song
desteni 13 soat oldin
who else is here form hyunjins bubble loll
minho lee best boy
minho lee best boy 13 soat oldin
haneen fadl
haneen fadl 13 soat oldin
Leen 10
Leen 10 13 soat oldin
Hyunjin brought me here ❤
haneen fadl
haneen fadl 13 soat oldin
From hyunjin
Khessyl joy Villegas
Khessyl joy Villegas 13 soat oldin
I'm here because of hyunjin. He recommended me this song
serene loves to eat
serene loves to eat 3 soat oldin
allya fallsa
allya fallsa 13 soat oldin
Hyunjin recommends this song on bubble!! Hehe so I’m here
Ysài E.
Ysài E. 13 soat oldin
Hyunjin is a swiftie omg 💖💖💖
Thazin Htet Myint
Thazin Htet Myint 13 soat oldin
I'm here because Hyunjin recommended to listen this on bubble🙈💖💖💖💖
bubs 13 soat oldin
hey hyunjin 🥺
Lee 13 soat oldin
thank you hyunjin for recommended this song
Sweet Flower.
Sweet Flower. 13 soat oldin
I’m here becuase of Hyunjin, he recommended this song 🙈🤍
Rani Random
Rani Random 4 soat oldin
Dana Chamberlain
Dana Chamberlain 13 soat oldin
Brenda S.
Brenda S. 13 soat oldin
Unbreakable 15 soat oldin
riverdale will put this song when jughead and betty breaks up
Unbreakable 15 soat oldin
Taylor and joe deserves a separate Grammy for rhyming cardigan with car again .
Catalina Pérez
Catalina Pérez 16 soat oldin
I'm mad that Betty and James end up together. James was a fool and didn't deserve Betty nor Augustine 🙄
Zaniey Rahita
Zaniey Rahita 19 soat oldin
*Un*Popular Opinion:This Is The Best Song In This Album
julius nksb
julius nksb 22 soat oldin
Smells like high school.
Edith Noah
Edith Noah Kun oldin
Me lembra tanto a taylor la em 2008/2009 😣💙
Mandyy B
Mandyy B Kun oldin
James would never had the capacity to write a song like that but for some reason I know that betty would have to write Cardigan
Abrar N
Abrar N Kun oldin
“Plus I saw you dance with him” is my favorite part of the whole album
Yogesh Pal
Yogesh Pal Kun oldin
I know for sure Betty is Taylor and Joe isn't James. 13 ♥️💌💗
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval Kun oldin
This song is so beautiful!!!
soraya -
soraya - Kun oldin
so yall tryna tell me she aint gay
Ayesha Smiles
Ayesha Smiles 2 kun oldin
My ears are in heaven
emma 2 kun oldin
Betty just hits close to home. anyone else?
Elise Starday
Elise Starday 2 kun oldin
Folklore is like a mixture of Fearless, Speak Now, and RED!!! I love it! ❤. Not that I disliked her albums after but the softer side of her voice is my most favorite! It suits her well!
Bonnie N Clyde
Bonnie N Clyde 2 kun oldin
Taylor said James is such a foolish man, and so is Betty. She's kinda fool cuz she still ended up with imma and foolish James. While August girl a.k.a. Augusta/Augustine left alone (I guess she's better and stronger ) In Taylor's mind James and Betty ended up together
Jyotika Ranjan
Jyotika Ranjan 2 kun oldin
Can anyone say who is Betty between August and James cause I am so confused?? Also can sometimes tell the whole (love triangle) thing
G. A. Maglangit
G. A. Maglangit 2 kun oldin
I feel like Betty must have it's own music video. I mean every song of the album should.
Ellaine Pido
Ellaine Pido 2 kun oldin
This music video should be hyped tho
Aashna kapoor
Aashna kapoor 2 kun oldin
how can people dislike this song i mean this song is so beautiful!!!!
Sanchita Sinha
Sanchita Sinha 2 kun oldin
I don't know why but I whenever I try to picture James, the guy from I Knew You Were Trouble pops up in my head...
pt eddie
pt eddie 3 kun oldin
Is there anything that this lady can't do??
Bethany Depew
Bethany Depew 3 kun oldin
This song makes me cry for some reason. I think it the ginormous amount of nostalgia but nostalgia you have lived yet if that makes any sense .
Harshu Y
Harshu Y 3 kun oldin
"Plus I saw you dance with him" Tay literally danced with Tom Hiddleston at Met Gala. OMG 😢
Trun 'n Burn Cowgirl
Trun 'n Burn Cowgirl 3 kun oldin
Why do songs HAVE to have cuss words in it? Like really!?
Luka Yu
Luka Yu 3 kun oldin
Because most of the time, when loved ones' fighting, they do cuss!
Karen Tamor
Karen Tamor 3 kun oldin
1:37 not gonna lie I freaked out for a second
Alicia Souvelle
Alicia Souvelle 3 kun oldin
Niklays Malklson
Niklays Malklson 3 kun oldin
Betty from Riverdale
Shofilia Hanin
Shofilia Hanin 3 kun oldin
Now I came here everyday 😄
Ali Shan
Ali Shan 3 kun oldin
Composition Bollywood movie, 3 idiots, song: give me some sunshine 🤪
CC Group 11 - Sy, Samantha Hope
CC Group 11 - Sy, Samantha Hope 4 kun oldin
The omd Taylor is back at last omg i loved her songs since her first album
CC Group 11 - Sy, Samantha Hope
CC Group 11 - Sy, Samantha Hope 4 kun oldin
Who is betty? Aww
Sienna Joy
Sienna Joy 4 kun oldin
i love this song!
Eve Snowland
Eve Snowland 4 kun oldin
Old days Taylor. I love this album so much.
Muiz Shapian
Muiz Shapian 4 kun oldin
AIM 02
AIM 02 4 kun oldin
I keep singing Betty everyday as much as I could. Bc I'm 17 now and about get Outta this amazing age on December 18, after that I couldn't relate this line "I'm only 17, I don't know anything but I know I Miss you"... I wanna cry So I don't wanna miss Betty a single day til I'm 18:) I love you Betty ;)
Sumika Rai
Sumika Rai 4 kun oldin
1:34 now hits different knowing joe wrote it..
natasha romanoff
natasha romanoff 4 kun oldin
I'm 17
natasha romanoff
natasha romanoff 4 kun oldin
"I'm only 17. I don't know anything but I know I miss you." This is literally me...
R A 4 kun oldin
Getaway car:- "think about the place we first met ,in the getaway car" Betty:- "kissin in my car AGAIN" This is Taylor people
Jazy Jaxi
Jazy Jaxi 4 kun oldin
Jazy Jaxi
Jazy Jaxi 2 kun oldin
@Lorenzo Rodríguez awwwww
Lorenzo Rodríguez
Lorenzo Rodríguez 3 kun oldin
It is written from a male teenage perspective
Mishka Alo
Mishka Alo 4 kun oldin
Wait joe wrote the chorus??? So is that why it has a swear word?????? Because knowing taylor as a swiftie its my first time hearing her swear in a song........
Ashley Nicole panuncio
Ashley Nicole panuncio 4 kun oldin
my favorite track on folklore
Rhea Dagli
Rhea Dagli 5 kun oldin
This shakes me.
ninjenn91 5 kun oldin
I love this entire song, but 4:29 is absolute gold...
Melek Kara
Melek Kara 5 kun oldin
August 2.46: Remember when I pulled and said get in the car. Betty 2.46: She said "James, get in, let's drive" -Taylor Swift is really genius.
natasha romanoff
natasha romanoff 5 kun oldin
Joe helped write this! 😌💕
Nhung Nguyen
Nhung Nguyen 4 kun oldin
Jayasree Ravichandran
Jayasree Ravichandran 5 kun oldin
This isn't the NEW Taylor or the OLD Taylor.. This is simply "THE TAYLOR SWIFT"🔥🔥🔥 Taylor, We love you to the Moon🌙 and to Saturn 🪐
Manojna Gabbita
Manojna Gabbita 5 kun oldin
Tell me i'm not the only one that hears "moo" in the background at 1:37
Sarah Rybak
Sarah Rybak 5 kun oldin
Now I can't unhear it 😂
Aryaka Mehta
Aryaka Mehta 5 kun oldin
i cry everytime listing this song
Sarina Raika
Sarina Raika 5 kun oldin
Who all are here after Taylor confirmed Joe helped her write this song ?
Sage Kordon
Sage Kordon 5 kun oldin
bro im crying asf
Fluffyclouds 5 kun oldin
Came back to binge the chorus now that I know Joe wrote it.
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