Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (Lyric Video)

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Vangelis D.
Vangelis D. 21 soat oldin
"underlined" *highlights*
Althaia 23 soat oldin
Максат Спанов
Максат Спанов Kun oldin
녜dyong U
녜dyong U 2 kun oldin
Hial Miky
Hial Miky 2 kun oldin
I forgot how well this is animated lol
Laura nunesUWU
Laura nunesUWU 2 kun oldin
Eu já tô em 2020 e ainda não sei pra quem ela mandou essa puta farpa kk
ᴍɪᴀ ʜᴀɴ
ᴍɪᴀ ʜᴀɴ 2 kun oldin
2:50 I C O N I C
mirielen cristina
mirielen cristina 3 kun oldin
okay, you re lisenig this is 2020.
bean 3 kun oldin
Hollyleaf’s music video was still better
blahinthe 3 kun oldin
The song is secretly about MKULTRA and the MONARCH program.
Pranxstarz Loki
Pranxstarz Loki 3 kun oldin
This song goes oddly well with the Macarena
Lucia Nicklaus
Lucia Nicklaus 5 kun oldin
omg my fifth grade taylor swift phase... the nostolgia
The Heartbreak Prince
The Heartbreak Prince 5 kun oldin
-Sorry but old taylor cant hold the phone right now -why? -coz shes chill with karlie
Code Zero
Code Zero 5 kun oldin
this was ICONIC.
sam junior
sam junior 6 kun oldin
Blackjack Mania
Blackjack Mania 6 kun oldin
Ya ketamine is a tilted stage son of guns
Jaeden Persaud
Jaeden Persaud 6 kun oldin
anyone here after jacksfilms?
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane 6 kun oldin
Time Travel Guidelines Machine Automatically makes probability certain that time travellers follow time travel guidelines. And time travellers changing their minds from following time travel guidelines to wanting to change history is impossible forever.
Yuscha Anindya
Yuscha Anindya 7 kun oldin
How come I never realized that the snakes at 3:20 spelled "TS"?
JOSHUA GULTOM MANTAP! #BomDiaDuarr 7 kun oldin
Kalo remix dengan lagu *Kurang Seksi* makin mantap nih
Supermaatjes Wereld
Supermaatjes Wereld 8 kun oldin
Nightmares, dreams and more, i get it all :/
zoe simion
zoe simion 8 kun oldin
Am i the only the one who thanks about Light Yagami when listening to this?
Geetika Dubey
Geetika Dubey 8 kun oldin
Creully Aleistair
Creully Aleistair 8 kun oldin
yolo gurl
yolo gurl 9 kun oldin
0:54 what means underlined
Levi Hazzard
Levi Hazzard 9 kun oldin
Jack Douglass did it better
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 10 kun oldin
“Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me”. We love you Taylor Swift.
Shaznewa 10 kun oldin
This song just make me feel like I'm on top of the world🤭 literally if my mood is on negative 7 this is the song
Eʟɪᴢᴀʙᴇᴛʜ ᴜɴᴜ
Eʟɪᴢᴀʙᴇᴛʜ ᴜɴᴜ 11 kun oldin
MissCaking 11 kun oldin
I love this lyric video sooo muchh
Tareq Jamil Mahi
Tareq Jamil Mahi 12 kun oldin
Legendary! 🔥
morgana l.
morgana l. 12 kun oldin
"I don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me" related too much right now. OOOOOH LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DOO
Scorching Warrior
Scorching Warrior 13 kun oldin
I remember this from a couple of years ago
Lia Brooks
Lia Brooks 13 kun oldin
Slytherin gang where you at?
MaryJane Ramirez
MaryJane Ramirez 13 kun oldin
when I was younger I was in an after school program and the coach would always play this video in class I can't believe I found the same video I mean it's one of the very few memories I have of that couch he was BEST and this reminds me of him so thank you to who made this it brought me joy in class and now that I don't have that class it bring me joy because when I listen to this all I think about is that class
hot choclate
hot choclate 13 kun oldin
If u r on right it's not wrong,,,
Invertez 14 kun oldin
I listened to this song in year 4-5 i still love it 👌🏻
RC Gigantana
RC Gigantana 14 kun oldin
Am I the only one here coming to this song thinking of Shin Ryujin of ITZY and her bombshell of a dance in MixNine?
Tortilla uwu
Tortilla uwu 14 kun oldin
2:31 me trying to cross trade on twitter
dinnnydins 14 kun oldin
JolodelQuero 15 kun oldin
1:30 - 1:45 😈
Scythia Calvario
Scythia Calvario 16 kun oldin
It's 2020 but still love listening to this
シリクア 17 kun oldin
I don’t trust NOBODY AND nobody trusts me
Shandy Wijaya
Shandy Wijaya 18 kun oldin
I like this music
Eli Okun
Eli Okun 19 kun oldin
I think that there is a bit to many snakes
Eli Okun
Eli Okun 5 kun oldin
but I still love it
Rabia 19 kun oldin
Math , look what you made me do ?
9YO Rodela
9YO Rodela 19 kun oldin
Stars can't shin without darkness
Ognjen Jovanovic
Ognjen Jovanovic 20 kun oldin
Joyner's song is better
nagito 20 kun oldin
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 20 kun oldin
3 Years of Reputation
LIFE OF KAY KAY 21 kun oldin
I can’t be the only one here cause I have a dance project and I’m dancing in my living room cause I’m virtual ☺️
Bloody Mae
Bloody Mae 21 kun oldin
3 years later still listing to this song
Alex C
Alex C 21 kun oldin
Today 3 years of reputation. ICONIC!
Shanna Valencia
Shanna Valencia 21 kun oldin
This is still so ✨ I C O N I C ✨
Hannah Jone G. Sumicad
Hannah Jone G. Sumicad 21 kun oldin
Slytherin vibes 🐍
Ronushka Jaysingh
Ronushka Jaysingh 21 kun oldin
Iconic 🌟
Jackson Sanchez
Jackson Sanchez 22 kun oldin
Snakes: yummy tail
CoolKids Official
CoolKids Official 23 kun oldin
Half of the Song was for Kanye West
Mart Rootamm
Mart Rootamm 23 kun oldin
The better music video. Like an entire Hitchcock movie, from start to end.
Darlan Gustavo
Darlan Gustavo 23 kun oldin
lover 💖
ꕥMushroom Momꕥ
ꕥMushroom Momꕥ 24 kun oldin
I cant Believe this came out three years ago
Luana Luana
Luana Luana 24 kun oldin
Love you
saurabh singh
saurabh singh 25 kun oldin
Best lyrics edit
ah I can not believe it is so perfect I like the song
Reem Talal
Reem Talal 27 kun oldin
Revenge to her enemies Like: Kanyee West. 😆 This song was released one day before my bday 😍
Irina Atchison
Irina Atchison 27 kun oldin
That song never gets old
Ace 1243
Ace 1243 27 kun oldin
Jacksfilms did it better
Pop Music
Pop Music 28 kun oldin
wondering what will be the reaction of kim and kanye if they heard this song
EDUARDO MLS 28 kun oldin
Essa música me define nesse momento 😤
Tiera Ware
Tiera Ware 28 kun oldin
noooooooooiooooooooooo not you
Tiera Ware
Tiera Ware 28 kun oldin
Modern Queen
Modern Queen 29 kun oldin
If I knew this Taylor and Kanye stuff was going on, I would’ve probably still trusted Taylor. I have 0 trust in Kanye.
YourHomie569 29 kun oldin
Am I the only one who wasn't surprised when she released this song, like I listened to bad blood or ikywt or even blank space and I thought they were as dark 😅 All in all there is only one TAYLOR SWIFT.
OddAardvark77 29 kun oldin
I don't know about everyone else but I'm just here from Ryujin's dance.
swers phrinfn
swers phrinfn Oy oldin
Better than the music video
Marifer Michel
Marifer Michel Oy oldin
This came in 2017 one month before I needed so much. So much related to a broken relationship in 2017, best thing to get out of there on time.
ioixoi Oy oldin
Listen the song at 2x it's like she's rapping and damn, I can still understand her words lmao
Nicole Kieras
Nicole Kieras Oy oldin
Min 1:05 cópia da Erika right or whrong😂😂😂😂
Seek out knowledge
Seek out knowledge Oy oldin
This song sounds quite like Billie Eilish's 'Bad guy'...... Does it or.... Not?
Kat Bowen
Kat Bowen 28 kun oldin
la taylør swift latina 13
la taylør swift latina 13 Oy oldin
Halloween 2020🐗🔥
Florean Hana
Florean Hana Oy oldin
2:30 fav part :')
Kendall Eakes
Kendall Eakes Oy oldin
This goes out to my ex who not only cheated on me but made himself the victim and I was blamed for all of it and everyone believed him, yea I got my karma but hes getting his 😋
Kristy Lee
Kristy Lee Oy oldin
The Dog
The Dog Oy oldin
Someone else listening to this in Corona times?
Diego Alejandro Murillo
Diego Alejandro Murillo Oy oldin
El comeback más icónico ❤️❤️
brandon alfredo hernandez rodriguez
brandon alfredo hernandez rodriguez Oy oldin
taylor hizo look what
Grace Z
Grace Z Oy oldin
Tik tok anyone?
Gamer Puff
Gamer Puff Oy oldin
This is my revenge song Cuz like why would i make a drawing for the person who riasted me in class but also hates me with the help of another girl?
Lucas Martins
Lucas Martins Oy oldin
i felt like i was the only one that actually loved it when it came out
Angela Marie
Angela Marie Oy oldin
I'll forever love the Reputation era Taylor. ❤
Hein Htet Aung
Hein Htet Aung Oy oldin
Still listening
Isabelle Schultz
Isabelle Schultz Oy oldin
Fun fact on one cares if your watching in October 2020
SMOTHER Oy oldin
I'm too , bro ✋
Lurko Oy oldin
Tony Bobulinski to Adam Schiff & Hunter Biden tonight
Jan Metternich
Jan Metternich Oy oldin
Ceren Doğan
Ceren Doğan Oy oldin
2:15 i love very muchh
An Orangutan
An Orangutan Oy oldin
I've loved this song for so long now I remember thinking I'm straight whilst listening to it. Nostalgia
zdravo Oy oldin
lmao i just realised this used as tiktok pov song
*{Exploding YouTube}*
*{Exploding YouTube}* Oy oldin
Alicia Monroe
Alicia Monroe Oy oldin
thanx Odd.
*{Exploding YouTube}*
*{Exploding YouTube}* Oy oldin
SS K Vlogs
SS K Vlogs Oy oldin
This was the coolest lyrical video i've ever seen :D
amal Alice
amal Alice Oy oldin
Take me to the time taylor showed up from no where and posted this
Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do
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