Taylor Swift - this is me trying (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “this is me trying” - off her album ‘folklore.’
Album available here: store.taylorswift.com
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Chan’s World
Chan’s World 4 soat oldin
Cute ☺️💝
Guy Meister
Guy Meister 8 soat oldin
This is her failing.
this is me crying
this is me crying 10 soat oldin
this is me crying
Shubh Rathod
Shubh Rathod 14 soat oldin
Keep fighting. Taylor knows how much you suffer everyday. Your mental health will improve.
Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart 20 soat oldin
This is me trying not to lose my shit
Mesude Besni
Mesude Besni 22 soat oldin
i think this song about james and betty james sing the song
Sophie VanDercook
Sophie VanDercook Kun oldin
It has to be Taylor that made me fall in love with music, I’m so happy she din’t give up, she’s became a huge part of me and saves my life everyday, from just listing to her songs
Omar Ehab
Omar Ehab Kun oldin
Midterms is here and this song is such a mood. I understand it more now
Andrew 73
Andrew 73 Kun oldin
This is me trying to be an great musician but failing, failing, failing...(sad emoji)
Stephen Eich
Stephen Eich Kun oldin
"They told me all my cages were mental so I got wasted like all my potential" for someone with depression this hits really hard
Raul Marchiori
Raul Marchiori Kun oldin
I feel you :(
angelix 99
angelix 99 2 kun oldin
This is me crying !
Donna Cadayona
Donna Cadayona 2 kun oldin
I wish this song is longer
JustKathy321 2 kun oldin
I wish UZpost had a "love" button
Galaxy Train
Galaxy Train 2 kun oldin
Taylor,Joe and team offered such an intense contribution to the existence of life. Thank you.
Emily Onizuka
Emily Onizuka 2 kun oldin
after hearing her talk about this song and listening to it again, it makes me think of Tied Together With a Smile on her first album
Divya Kandpal
Divya Kandpal 2 kun oldin
Pramita Chakraborty
Pramita Chakraborty 2 kun oldin
I can totally relate to this song
Jason Rudy
Jason Rudy 3 kun oldin
Amazing woman and a beautiful human being
Tyler Benevides
Tyler Benevides 3 kun oldin
I totally relate to the lyrics "Fell behind all of my classmates and ended up here." Cause I feel like that's where I am right now. 😭
Manel Benzeghiba
Manel Benzeghiba 3 kun oldin
My favourite ❤️
Ashley Campbell
Ashley Campbell 3 kun oldin
This song hits the heart.
Judy Saafein
Judy Saafein 3 kun oldin
I really am trying 🥺
Virginia Mathers
Virginia Mathers 3 kun oldin
The best song of the album in my opinion. I've discovered it yesterday. I'm not a Taylor's fan but after listening to this album I'm beginning to reconsider my position.
Christian Buenaventura
Christian Buenaventura 3 kun oldin
Oshita sangwan
Oshita sangwan 3 kun oldin
Favorite ❤
Raj Kishore
Raj Kishore 3 kun oldin
I've been thinking about people who, if they're either suffering through mental illness or they're suffering through addiction, they have an everyday struggle," Taylor explained. "No one pats them on the back every day, but every day they are actively fighting something."
Danica Marie Music
Danica Marie Music 4 kun oldin
I just found out about the three love triangle songs and I’m sucked back into this album...
MissSea Weed
MissSea Weed 4 kun oldin
This song touches my heart, literally!
Detective Taylor Swift
Detective Taylor Swift 4 kun oldin
This song hits different after hearing what it’s about
jeongyeonsleggos 4 kun oldin
In future, I'll, hopefully, get an opportunity to come back and dedicate this song to my present self, when I would have finally talked =)
Caren Fuentes
Caren Fuentes 4 kun oldin
This is me tryin'
Alicia Souvelle
Alicia Souvelle 5 kun oldin
Marley Felker
Marley Felker 5 kun oldin
after watching taylor talk about the meaning of this song it hits different
Mitch Lee
Mitch Lee 5 kun oldin
friki_chica 5 kun oldin
I came here after the long pond studio sessions
Alchris John Fernan
Alchris John Fernan 6 kun oldin
This is what I always listen while fighting depression. who's with me?
Nestin Ervrina
Nestin Ervrina 6 kun oldin
Nabilah Fakhira
Nabilah Fakhira 6 kun oldin
This is me crying😭
birdsatalcatraz 6 kun oldin
I just wanted you to know, that this is me trying.... to not give up
Samantha Whitman
Samantha Whitman 6 kun oldin
Knight Enchanter
Knight Enchanter 6 kun oldin
Here after the Long Pond session movie. The fact that she wrote this as a tribute, as a pat on the back for the people struggling to overcome their personal demons is just so touching. I love it.
Emr Berlin
Emr Berlin 6 kun oldin
After seeing the folklore studion sessions movie this song means so much more to me
Jhedver Tan
Jhedver Tan 7 kun oldin
"I was so ahead of the curve, the curve became a sphere" just soak up in that excruciating moment recalling all your "almosts" because you were either too distracted or too wrongly focused that the attainments slipped away from your pace.
David Howe
David Howe 7 kun oldin
This song hits the spot so many time I just wanted to talk to Taylor about how I'm feeling whats going on with me because she feels like a friend
Mel Visciola
Mel Visciola 7 kun oldin
This is what I am thinking right now
COVERS for FUN 7 kun oldin
Guys, comment your new top 3 from Folklore after listening to the live album!!!! For me, it was The 1, Cardigan, Betty But now, my list is.... 1. This is me trying 2. Exile 3. My tears ricochet Do comment yours☺
Godly Love
Godly Love 7 kun oldin
These are on point 👌🏼 they hit home 😚
Emr Berlin
Emr Berlin 7 kun oldin
cj 8 kun oldin
Every student's theme song while doing homework
Notsile Mkhonta
Notsile Mkhonta 8 kun oldin
It so it like it in a movie
Notsile Mkhonta
Notsile Mkhonta 8 kun oldin
I am 😭😭
Notsile Mkhonta
Notsile Mkhonta 8 kun oldin
Paulina S.
Paulina S. 8 kun oldin
if you don't cry during this song, i don't know who you are
Carolina Araujo
Carolina Araujo 8 kun oldin
this is even sadder when you relate to everything except you're not even trying
Shreya Mathur
Shreya Mathur 4 kun oldin
Darshan Punjabi Kumar
Darshan Punjabi Kumar 8 kun oldin
Irene Raval
Irene Raval 8 kun oldin
Congrats Tay! Artist of the Year ❤ Favorite Music Video (Cardigan) ❤ Favorite Female Artist -Pop/Rock❤ Worth the vote 10x a day!!
Alina 2007
Alina 2007 9 kun oldin
Wait.... ur saying this song isn’t normal thoughts and that I shouldn’t relate to it too much?!?!
Alicia Souvelle
Alicia Souvelle 9 kun oldin
Random girl
Random girl 9 kun oldin
Me actually sending my assignments before the due date
Bhong Torio
Bhong Torio 9 kun oldin
This is me trying to move on...
Jack Blank
Jack Blank 9 kun oldin
I cantttt this album is so nostalgic
Kent Ahon
Kent Ahon 10 kun oldin
is it wrong for me to wanna play this album on Christmas day, in my house, on dinner?
Darshan Punjabi Kumar
Darshan Punjabi Kumar 8 kun oldin
Nope not at all
Kat Rosey
Kat Rosey 10 kun oldin
"Was so ahead of the curve, the curve became a sphere, fell behind all my classmates and ended up here" ...thank you for writing and singing my feelings so beautifully
Frichie Paradela
Frichie Paradela 11 kun oldin
So beautiful the song ever ❤️
darklord King
darklord King 11 kun oldin
When I listen to Taylor's music, I go places I've never been to before
Ankit Sonule Art
Ankit Sonule Art 12 kun oldin
what a soulful song ...
Абдул Альхазаред
Абдул Альхазаред 12 kun oldin
I love you Taylor
E G 12 kun oldin
I wasted all our time like our potential.
Syed Mohammed
Syed Mohammed 12 kun oldin
The 1k dislikes are from who didn't even tried
Bullet de guzman
Bullet de guzman 12 kun oldin
It's been months now since Folklore was released, but this is me trying to read the lyrics she put in her lyric videos.
julia campbel
julia campbel 13 kun oldin
Rachel M
Rachel M 13 kun oldin
got diagnosed with autism today after 27 years of feeling different but not really knowing why. i've been listening to this song on repeat for the past few months during my diagnostic process. i keep thinking about the line "and it's hard to be at a party when i feel like an open wound," because that's exactly what socializing feels like to me. i guess i'm saying this here because i'm not sure where else to say it.
Hillary Reyes
Hillary Reyes 13 kun oldin
Alien Comment
Alien Comment 13 kun oldin
Very indieish feeling and i love it.
TomSmartline 14 kun oldin
The best thing is that I’m sure she is making a new album at this moment
Beth Yngve
Beth Yngve 14 kun oldin
This is me
Wise Man
Wise Man 14 kun oldin
@Taylor Swift I hope one day we can make love. You are what I define as a goddess. Everyone please upvote this so she can see who her true love is.
Lorena Porto
Lorena Porto 14 kun oldin
my heart is aching Taylor, everytime I listen to this song I feel something different and relatable, see another interpretation, might be my favorite song ever probably she won't see this but thank you for sharing your huge talent with us, you are amazing
bet clauds
bet clauds 15 kun oldin
The breakfast club lol
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 15 kun oldin
“Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me” We love you Taylor Swift.
Timm De Jesus
Timm De Jesus 16 kun oldin
the whole song hits me hard
Parzival 16 kun oldin
Taylor shocked the world with 1989 when she changed from country to pop. 1989 alone sold more than Kanye’s entire discography of his entire career. Now she’s changing it up again with Folklore and I’ve never been more amazed at the lyrics on this album. This is me trying, mirrorball, and august are my favorites. Only Taylor can hop genres with albums and still have her fans enjoy it no matter what that genre is because. Well she IS the music industry. Most successful female artist ever and in my opinion the best mainstream songwriter that we’ve had in the past 20 years. I love her, and I lover her music.
Woppy Doddle
Woppy Doddle 16 kun oldin
Well, Phoebe Bridgers has taught her a lesson...
Woppy Doddle
Woppy Doddle 16 kun oldin
I am an official swiftie now. This album converted.
Darshan Punjabi Kumar
Darshan Punjabi Kumar 8 kun oldin
Welcome to the fandom!
vale 17 kun oldin
i luv u
Angeline Bena
Angeline Bena 18 kun oldin
This album deserves a Grammy, or multiple Grammys
Henry Watson
Henry Watson 18 kun oldin
Love you Tay,Tay.
Вова Лось
Вова Лось 18 kun oldin
💕💕💕 Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare Hare 💕💕💕
ligia monroy
ligia monroy 19 kun oldin
Taylor tries and doesn't give up easily. Yes, she is my example of a woman to follow.
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 19 kun oldin
Who is here after Paul McCartney interview???
Juganwa Comedy
Juganwa Comedy 19 kun oldin
this is me
Maria José Rojas Calderón
Maria José Rojas Calderón 20 kun oldin
I know she is a genius just because I can listen to her music when I'm happy, sad, joyful, tired...and it always fits my mood.
Maria Ysart
Maria Ysart 20 kun oldin
I really didn’t want to relate to this.
Irma Osorio
Irma Osorio 20 kun oldin
RAB TG 20 kun oldin
Lyrics are hard to read
Rithika Ashok
Rithika Ashok 20 kun oldin
For some reason it feels like peering into a forbidden diary, way too deep and personal....
Salluvinte Sallaapam
Salluvinte Sallaapam 20 kun oldin
love only love = lol
Olivia M
Olivia M 21 kun oldin
Kier Baudelaire
Kier Baudelaire 21 kun oldin
Well...this attackedT me
Nungky Astini
Nungky Astini 22 kun oldin
i'm not crying, i'm not cryin, i'm not crying.........
Azyz 1998
Azyz 1998 23 kun oldin
November 9
Natlie Rogers
Natlie Rogers 24 kun oldin
this whole album makes you feel like it's the end of the movie, and you are going watching out through the window.
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