Taylor Swift - Gorgeous (Lyric Video)

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9Ernesto9 12 soat oldin
A U Gorgeous!
T N 13 soat oldin
the best song for a crush 😚
Mia Rubio
Mia Rubio 20 soat oldin
Irene Arsenio
Irene Arsenio 22 soat oldin
Listening rn
Chamila Harshini Wijesekara
Chamila Harshini Wijesekara 23 soat oldin
I try to sing this song but ,unsuccessfully, sounds like a crazy person
Layla Kun oldin
Not my crush having blue eyes 😳 Literally this is going into my playlist for crush songs omgggg
Roy Christian
Roy Christian Kun oldin
so, she challenged how fast my eyes is huh? EZ BRO HAHAHA
Pedro Gomez
Pedro Gomez Kun oldin
This ain’t Kanye
Gilbert Oliver
Gilbert Oliver Kun oldin
Blank 2 kun oldin
Me: *Listen to Taylor's song* Meanwhile: *Having a Taylor song marathon*
Kadash 3 kun oldin
Saph's cover is better than this.
Kadash Kun oldin
@iustin Hah you're just a Taylor Swift fanboi xD idc at all
iustin Kun oldin
@Kadash trash
Kadash Kun oldin
@iustin Well? What do you think?
iustin Kun oldin
@Kadash You didnt send me anithing
Kadash Kun oldin
@iustin Hah, I love how you shut your mouth right after I've send you Sapphire :D :D
Jeongvely wans
Jeongvely wans 3 kun oldin
Jalapeño 4 kun oldin
I dedicate this song to Taylor Swift.
Baxi XD
Baxi XD 4 kun oldin
Ana Carolina Luz
Ana Carolina Luz 4 kun oldin
it's about Joe
fu 4 kun oldin
this song is gay
iustin 2 kun oldin
Ok and?
Seasaw 5 kun oldin
You ain’t got shit on Kanye
Seasaw 2 kun oldin
@iustin ok❤️
iustin 2 kun oldin
Kanye rat and Miss plastic are trash and Taylor is Queen
Seasaw 2 kun oldin
@Gianne Gomed ok💕
Gianne Gomed
Gianne Gomed 5 kun oldin
Stay pressed 😘
Risso _
Risso _ 6 kun oldin
Yaaaasss Queeen 🐍🍷 !!
Risso _
Risso _ 6 kun oldin
Taylor Queen 👑💞
balbir singh
balbir singh 6 kun oldin
My favorite of all time
Sherry Arora
Sherry Arora 6 kun oldin
Love this song!!
Carla Garcia
Carla Garcia 6 kun oldin
I can’t believe this song is for Tom Hiddleston like damn she really liked him such a beautiful song 😍
Carla Garcia
Carla Garcia 4 kun oldin
@Gianne Gomed people kept saying it was for Tom I guess not lol
Gianne Gomed
Gianne Gomed 5 kun oldin
It's not actually. It's supposedly for Joe Alwyn
Santiago Farias
Santiago Farias 7 kun oldin
Como se supera esta canción tan hermosa?
GYJ0GOD 7 kun oldin
_i will dedicated this song to Julius Caesar Jr. aka Gyro Zeppeli._ _aight, i forgot to put Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli😗🤞🏻_
Meg Griffin
Meg Griffin 7 kun oldin
She looks like she just got out of the shower and it looks *GORGEOUS*
Amalia Lubis
Amalia Lubis 8 kun oldin
PRETY You're my Favorite Love..Love🥰
Unicorn Playz
Unicorn Playz 8 kun oldin
tay ur x boi friend is my brother
Taehyung kim
Taehyung kim 8 kun oldin
Yeah we love it so don't we Swifties
M J 9 kun oldin
I don’t care if you like this or not but this song would’ve smashed as a single.
قناه فواز حمامه
قناه فواز حمامه 9 kun oldin
وين العرب
maeve smith
maeve smith 10 kun oldin
Taylor wrote this song, but I'm singing it to Niall Horan. 💙💙💙💙💙
Ayu Sivani
Ayu Sivani 10 kun oldin
I miss reputation era:((
Хх Никол Хх
Хх Никол Хх 10 kun oldin
This fits percabeth way too well
Pravar M
Pravar M 11 kun oldin
Why are so many people dedicating this song to 1D members?????
Sofía styles
Sofía styles 11 kun oldin
you're so gorgeous
tvtime2122 12 kun oldin
This song and the “Monster Cover by Clover Cage” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you....
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 12 kun oldin
“Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me”. We love you Taylor Swift.
שילה סיבוני
שילה סיבוני 12 kun oldin
I am the only one that thinks this is funny that kanye also have song called gorgeous?
Swara Bhavsar
Swara Bhavsar 12 kun oldin
This song makes me think of a happy gushing playful taylor looking at joe at the met gala while her "older than us" boyfriend Tom is doing i dunno what and it's such a happy playful actually taylor stripped down to just her plain feelings of the rush of a crush lol I love this so much sorry I cannot-
Swara Bhavsar
Swara Bhavsar 7 kun oldin
@Lucía RPG ♥️ it's 1:30 am I was listening to the folklore lives and beautiful ghosts and I cried so much idek what happened
Lucía RPG
Lucía RPG 7 kun oldin
Maisha Rahman
Maisha Rahman 13 kun oldin
'Gorgeous ' is so GORGEOUS!!!!😆
Mojibur Rahman
Mojibur Rahman 13 kun oldin
I also agree with you.
Samruddhi Bavaskar
Samruddhi Bavaskar 13 kun oldin
And she wrote this song for Selena Gomez ❤❤❤
evan 14 kun oldin
Imiss reputation era
Juan Cavaliere
Juan Cavaliere 14 kun oldin
¿Quien fue el encargado de hacer el video lyric?
Andrea Isabel
Andrea Isabel 14 kun oldin
porque la dedique:(
Kaytie Broadhurst
Kaytie Broadhurst 15 kun oldin
"you are so gorgeous it makes me so mad"
Kaytie Broadhurst
Kaytie Broadhurst 15 kun oldin
still love reputation
Jane Daruca
Jane Daruca 15 kun oldin
Can we make a petition to make Joe Alwyn's video trying to hold his smile watching Taylor's concert singing this song be the official music video for this. 😍😍😍
SwiftPerry Lyrics
SwiftPerry Lyrics 15 kun oldin
Lovin' the chorus
Char Mae
Char Mae 16 kun oldin
Gorgeous by Taylor Swift is so gorgeous :')
MultistanforThiccthighs andClearskin
MultistanforThiccthighs andClearskin 16 kun oldin
Who do you think of when you listen to this song?😊❤
Mojibur Rahman
Mojibur Rahman 13 kun oldin
Taylor Swift.
Tamanna Tabassum Mim
Tamanna Tabassum Mim 16 kun oldin
Why didn't she make a video of this song? 😞
manavi yadav
manavi yadav 16 kun oldin
This is a amazing song. Mam please keep going your songs are so much relatable and are superb overall. I am your very big fan Mam. Your are so sweet and a very encouraging freind kind of which we all want . You are very humble and just everything for me. You are like the person which I want to be in my future.. ☺😌😍🙃
Exo bbh eri
Exo bbh eri 16 kun oldin
All the lyrics are the words that I wanted to say to my idol crush...;)
Hiba Abdulla
Hiba Abdulla 16 kun oldin
This should be the background music every time we start crushing on someone!🙈 😝‘you make me so happy it turns Back to sad’ so so accurate!! How do you do this Taylor???
Tay Ray
Tay Ray 17 kun oldin
It hurts that I'm so far away right now! Oh it hurts so much.
Rival Angga
Rival Angga 17 kun oldin
lagu terakhir yang gua dengar dari taylor swift
Alexa Daniela Rosado Gutiérrez
Alexa Daniela Rosado Gutiérrez 18 kun oldin
Oh, to be the person THE Taylor Swift wrote this about.
Umer lodhi
Umer lodhi 3 kun oldin
he's lucky
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU 17 kun oldin
Ikr... 😭😭
bloominqgardenn 19 kun oldin
*Forest green eyes* looking in miNEEEEEE 😭😭
Lol Banana
Lol Banana 19 kun oldin
OK OK listen I don’t really like Taylor Swift I mean I do I’ve loved her forever but she’s not like my type of music but this song one of my new favorite songs like Omg This song is so catchy though
Marie Marie
Marie Marie 19 kun oldin
Has anybody EVER dated their crush?? Just asking. Because I have not.
Rainey Autumn
Rainey Autumn 17 kun oldin
Me neither 😂😂😭
Channel Mild
Channel Mild 19 kun oldin
James Renoyleds voice at the start though 🥺
Random Anime content
Random Anime content 20 kun oldin
I ain't never seen two pretty best friends it's always one of them gotta be ugly.. THIS SONG IS FOR MY BEST FRIEND
Naduah Bhedjo
Naduah Bhedjo 21 kun oldin
Bubblegumpops 21 kun oldin
The ultimate tsundere song
sıradan biri
sıradan biri 21 kun oldin
Birilerine gelsin
sıradan biri
sıradan biri 21 kun oldin
Ay çok güzel beee
Ayşenur Ekici
Ayşenur Ekici 17 kun oldin
Aynen 😻
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 21 kun oldin
3 Years of Reputation
Sadman Jahed
Sadman Jahed 22 kun oldin
Unpopuler opinion : Enchanted+ treacherous + some darker aspects = gorgeous
Einer Armuelles
Einer Armuelles 22 kun oldin
3 years reputation
Cami 22 kun oldin
3 YEARS OF REPUTATION. I can't believe it🐍 I love you Tay❤
guts the black swordsman
guts the black swordsman 22 kun oldin
bro this is the super shit compared to the real gorgeous song that is named gorgeous
ligia monroy
ligia monroy 22 kun oldin
I'm obsessed with this song, with every song from Taylor Swift
Joshua Varron
Joshua Varron 22 kun oldin
This lyric video act like mv!!!
Mike Ashkar
Mike Ashkar 22 kun oldin
3 years, still legendary💙👑
Alex C
Alex C 22 kun oldin
3 years of reputation!
ryan prince
ryan prince 23 kun oldin
Happy 3 years to Reputation!!!!!!
Natalie Millan
Natalie Millan 23 kun oldin
This song hits different when ur on dracotok
Lanie 23 kun oldin
IM THE BEST 24 kun oldin
RASIKA THORAT 24 kun oldin
Me to Kim Taehyung 😭💜!!
marla bate
marla bate 24 kun oldin
can someone recommend me songs just like this 😭
khin thri san
khin thri san 24 kun oldin
Ocean blue eyes part always got me🌊..I wish i have those blue eyes.
Nusrat Esha
Nusrat Esha 24 kun oldin
I heard this song is about selena..is this right?
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU 14 kun oldin
@Mowry Labonno's Crafts and Vlogsyes but call it what you want is pretty controversial to what its truly about. Such as is it a kanye song? How her castle crumbled over night due to him? or is it during the time around 2013-2014 where her castle crumbled over night. Also, you gotta admit, at some points in the song it sounds like karlie what you want. or Karlie would you want. noooooooooooooow joe does have blue eyes, but Karlie has been seen with blue eyes, for a photoshoot she was in. so it could be a reference to that. also why tf does eye color truly matter- 😭
Mowry Labonno's Crafts and Vlogs
Mowry Labonno's Crafts and Vlogs 14 kun oldin
@Kaylor is real UwU many songs on reputation such as this and call it what what you want is about him. And if I'm not wrong Joe has blue eyes.
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU 14 kun oldin
@Mowry Labonno's Crafts and Vlogs explain to me, on how the duck this song can be about Joe alwyn. JOE ALWYN 😭😭😭
Mowry Labonno's Crafts and Vlogs
Mowry Labonno's Crafts and Vlogs 14 kun oldin
You guys need to calm down. This is about her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn.
Nusrat Esha
Nusrat Esha 19 kun oldin
I heard this from insta😑
Mangla Gauri 2664
Mangla Gauri 2664 25 kun oldin
This should be considered as the " crush anthem" 🔥❤️
Mish E
Mish E 25 kun oldin
She sounds very narcissistic
Tay Ray
Tay Ray 25 kun oldin
Taylor is so beautiful, how can somone so cool be alone.
Mangla Gauri 2664
Mangla Gauri 2664 25 kun oldin
Heard this 1000000 times and thought of only him ❤️❤️
BeanFrames 25 kun oldin
So, this is rock bottom
Yo! It’s Kaeyla
Yo! It’s Kaeyla 25 kun oldin
one of my favourite songs in my favourite album of tay
CjcroftPlayz 26 kun oldin
Why wasn't this a single...
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU 20 kun oldin
It was a single.
Nerissa Arviana Tjiang
Nerissa Arviana Tjiang 27 kun oldin
Tay tay x blackpink, who's agree?
Alondra Joaquin
Alondra Joaquin 27 kun oldin
this has such a Bella & Edward romance vibe
Lorelei Marsh
Lorelei Marsh 28 kun oldin
I dedicate this to all my future crushes, Kay thx💜
Roman Romanich
Roman Romanich 28 kun oldin
This song is incredible nice.
Roman Romanich
Roman Romanich 28 kun oldin
And Sia is also here.I can not stop laughing:):):).
Roman Romanich
Roman Romanich 28 kun oldin
I see appearing of Llittle Foetus with Taylor:).
Roman Romanich
Roman Romanich 28 kun oldin
You make me so happy, it turns back to sad...
Roman Romanich
Roman Romanich 28 kun oldin
You're gorgeous indeed with these songs.
Ari 28 kun oldin
who ever made this video should make covers for Vogue
The pretty girl
The pretty girl 28 kun oldin
I luvvvvvvv you Taylor
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