Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

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New single ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) available now. Download here: TaylorSwift.lnk.to/MeYD

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PS Mechanical
PS Mechanical 30 daqiqa oldin
Plus... Taylor Swift is a fun person to hang with I guarantee
PS Mechanical
PS Mechanical 31 daqiqa oldin
Taylor you are awesome. You have amazing interesting well written songs. ❤️🤘🏻
Aminals 3 soat oldin
Everyone: *Insert random comment* Me: *Ya know.. this kinda reminds me of Bakugou.. HMMM*
Aidan Hutchison
Aidan Hutchison 5 soat oldin
i love this song
Sarah L
Sarah L 6 soat oldin
Just got into her music during quarantine. Why not. 1989 has so many gems. She has always been in the periphery of my pop consciousness (we're the same age), but I really like her work from this seminal album especially
eric li
eric li 8 soat oldin
*this stunning gorgeous video deserves more views*
eric li
eric li 8 soat oldin
*this stunning gorgeous video deserves more views*
eric li
eric li 8 soat oldin
*this stunning gorgeous video deserves more views*
Kaelo Bogopa
Kaelo Bogopa 12 soat oldin
miss gurl you shouldn't have left🙁
Matias Coelho
Matias Coelho 16 soat oldin
Ives Carl
Ives Carl 16 soat oldin
I really love the concept of this song❤️
Misora 17 soat oldin
fun fact: the beat is Taylor's heart beat
Nice Kol
Nice Kol 20 soat oldin
You can't only like if your not poeple from tiktok
awesome fame
awesome fame 23 soat oldin
Shes cute when shes mad
Danya Reyes
Danya Reyes Kun oldin
who is this song about?
Da'Shaunn TV
Da'Shaunn TV Kun oldin
This Is The Most Underrated Taylor Song Ever
jeftel mulenga
jeftel mulenga Kun oldin
Turn blue if you Think this would have been a hit movie
swapnali konwar
swapnali konwar Kun oldin
Is she magic or something 'cause never ever ages ??
jeftel mulenga
jeftel mulenga Kun oldin
Something always brings me back here every year
khairunnisa zulfikri
khairunnisa zulfikri Kun oldin
taylor so beautiful
The best video ever
Ha Nguyen
Ha Nguyen Kun oldin
I love you so much
Ranjbar Fatih
Ranjbar Fatih Kun oldin
Every day I listen it at least once! With all the troubles and negatives which we face in Life, Taylor is a real valuable gift to all of us! Long life and best wishes Taylor ❤🌸
Abby Martin
Abby Martin Kun oldin
I love this song since I was 5
Chiara Gazziero
Chiara Gazziero Kun oldin
Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel Kun oldin
Taylor swift ❤️
Jss ia
Jss ia Kun oldin
Hey you guys...we can make Another 1billion views MV..right?
Shakhitombi Devi
Shakhitombi Devi Kun oldin
Love you forever🤞🤞 😍😍😍😍😍
Xset Kun oldin
she was inspired by 'without you' by Lana Del Rey, two legends, waiting for the feat - I love them both, please don't think I'm criticizing her, the music is amazing
Patrick v
Patrick v Kun oldin
cant get over the note at 3:12
Heather Chandler
Heather Chandler Kun oldin
me and my cousin was listening to this song while Im doing my math homework while she draws and she asked, "What if your dream was watching memes all day?" I cracked up-
gabriel gacia
gabriel gacia Kun oldin
I actually see that video 19282 times
smdkdkemd msjskemdm
smdkdkemd msjskemdm Kun oldin
Bu dizi olsa türk versiyonu bay yanlış olurdu
Tuesday 2 Thursday
Tuesday 2 Thursday 2 kun oldin
He ran after her. Does that mean?...
Eureka Enigsci
Eureka Enigsci 2 kun oldin
I admire you much
Prajavathi Reddy
Prajavathi Reddy 2 kun oldin
Taylor would make a great snow white
C M 2 kun oldin
IMO, Taylor is a true entertainer. So much talent. RVA loves you, T Swizzle!
Blank 2 kun oldin
Me: *Listen to Taylor's song* Meanwhile: *Having a Taylor song marathon*
Aminals 3 soat oldin
yesssss >:D
Bianca Monteiro
Bianca Monteiro 2 kun oldin
L.J. Norman
L.J. Norman 2 kun oldin
Wildest dreams!
Taedoe 2 kun oldin
Ight so ikno I'ma dude but y'all can't tell me det first chorus didn't hit wit dem camera scenes
Nico Pizzorno
Nico Pizzorno 2 kun oldin
This is definitly one of the best taylor's videos
Nico Pizzorno
Nico Pizzorno 2 kun oldin
Taylor: He's so tall Also Taylor: 5'10
leax pea
leax pea 2 kun oldin
when i hear this song . my mind just thinking abt draco👁👄👁
Aysel Yalcin
Aysel Yalcin 2 kun oldin
Çok güzel bir klip ve harika bir şarkı taylor sendende bu beklenirdi
John Watts
John Watts 2 kun oldin
She is in my wildest dreams!!
Ismik Moa
Ismik Moa 2 kun oldin
Deserves a billion
4FX 2 kun oldin
I’m listening to her heartbeat 💓
joe Whaley
joe Whaley 2 kun oldin
🌟 I am Joe and a 🏹
Julia 2 kun oldin
I cant stop singing this song bc I love it
nia mach
nia mach 2 kun oldin
Why watch movies when Taylor is here
Sabiha Sultana
Sabiha Sultana 2 kun oldin
Feels like watching a movie 🎥. Great job Taylor Swift and Joseph Kahn
alex zanca
alex zanca 3 kun oldin
this song is magic
E'Lisha J
E'Lisha J 3 kun oldin
so tiktik made me aware that this song is about MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER can someone please confirm
lyasha Kun oldin
i'm pretty sure it is but it's just theory
Eton Lu
Eton Lu 3 kun oldin
wow cool
Inae Kim
Inae Kim 3 kun oldin
Whenever I listen to this song, I can't hear Taylor's heartbeat because my heart is beating so loud for this song
Wilsonatron 3 kun oldin
Apparently the song is about Matthew gray gubler
Jazmine Loera
Jazmine Loera 2 kun oldin
Wait what spill
Karloboy AngPinakamalakas
Karloboy AngPinakamalakas 3 kun oldin
So stunning with black hair 😊
R&A Station
R&A Station 3 kun oldin
Gubler is that your essence I hear?
kihikali chishi
kihikali chishi 3 kun oldin
2020 will be over in 4 weeks and this is still my favourite song of Taylor ❤️❤️
Jehiel Sunrise
Jehiel Sunrise 4 kun oldin
Im still watching this HAHAHA
Luisa Aboy
Luisa Aboy 4 kun oldin
Taylor with any hair color look so stunning
Jaylord San Pedro
Jaylord San Pedro 4 kun oldin
Red lips and rossy cheeks
PeterFreitag 4 kun oldin
yani poon
yani poon 4 kun oldin
love the song so nice
Mado Just
Mado Just 4 kun oldin
La mellieur chanson De toute les song de ma vie 2020 La meilleur chanson de toute ma vie 2020
james taylor
james taylor 4 kun oldin
This one plagiarized also.
lucas também
lucas também 4 kun oldin
O lovr
Carel Soney
Carel Soney 4 kun oldin
Who is that man acting with her?
peanutbutter 4 kun oldin
he could have run to reach the car, it was moving so slowly XD
eric li
eric li 4 kun oldin
*this stunning gorgeous video deserves more views*
eric li
eric li 4 kun oldin
*this stunning gorgeous video deserves more views*
Ashley Yates
Ashley Yates 4 kun oldin
The fact that this video keeps going up a million views each week proves just how influential and perfect this song and album were. Swifties are truly powerful.
Eylül Yalçın
Eylül Yalçın 4 kun oldin
Joseph kahn klipleri güzel oluyor
Gabriela Freire
Gabriela Freire 4 kun oldin
I am the only one noticing references of The Notebook here?!? (Kissing under the poring rain) 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ best film ever! My favorite 🤩
Via Enriquez
Via Enriquez 4 kun oldin
Road to 1B😭
Raw and Random Gameplay
Raw and Random Gameplay 4 kun oldin
Bart Baker one is batter than this.
durdana susn
durdana susn 4 kun oldin
Scott Eastwood is just perfect👏💯
Ja Sau
Ja Sau 4 kun oldin
I'm glad she stand up for herself for her music rights and their publishing.Also.check out Ja Sau on youtube and subscribe thank you
Kahfia Tika
Kahfia Tika 4 kun oldin
We need Wildest Dream to made into a movie
JÁNEEL 5 kun oldin
I stream everyday on TIDAL
abod 5 kun oldin
تشق ɵ᷄ˬɵ᷅
Vintage Oldies
Vintage Oldies 5 kun oldin
this sounds weird but Taylor's heartbeat is so pretty omg
ray 5 kun oldin
everytime i listened to this, i always imagine myself in a car, leaning my head on the window looking at the view outside, pretending that i'm the main character in a coming of age movie
Jaylord San Pedro
Jaylord San Pedro 5 kun oldin
1989 Album and MV's Supremacy 🙌
Sandy Hall
Sandy Hall 5 kun oldin
When she pushes him I was reminded of Claire Fraser from Outlander! How much does she look like her with the dark hair? Love this song
Stella Carlos
Stella Carlos 5 kun oldin
Hey, you know I really did not know that she had black hair. In some of the music videos, she had blond hair like her usual hair
Vanessa Vendetti
Vanessa Vendetti 5 kun oldin
🦁 ✨
Ailyn Bolanos
Ailyn Bolanos 5 kun oldin
Please tell me it really is about Mathew 😭
gabriella 5 kun oldin
eight year old me was confused because i wanted to see the movie
Harper Feltz
Harper Feltz 5 kun oldin
I love your video!!
John Lester Manuba
John Lester Manuba 5 kun oldin
Red lipstick is really made for Taytay
Jonathan Broussard
Jonathan Broussard 5 kun oldin
I just recognized that that dude is from Pacific rim
Satakshi Bhandari
Satakshi Bhandari 5 kun oldin
1989 era 💥
Nazarena 5 kun oldin
So much saggitarius energy in this video. I feel refilled. Now I can go back to life, thank you.
Phyoe Thwe Lay Mon
Phyoe Thwe Lay Mon 5 kun oldin
I dun know this video is beautiful and also sad for me.
John Brandolino
John Brandolino 5 kun oldin
One of her BEST songs !!! And Video and he's such a HUNK !!!
Eylül Yalçın
Eylül Yalçın 5 kun oldin
Bir insana her saç rengimi yakışır
nick loud
nick loud 5 kun oldin
Hei taylor, ive been waiting for a single perfomance of wildest dreams since its been released. I hope you read this...
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