Taylor Swift - the 1 (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “the 1” - off her album ‘folklore.’
Album available here: store.taylorswift.com
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Hollywood Story gameplays
Hollywood Story gameplays 2 soat oldin
'You know the greatest films of all time were never made' Actually the greatest film 'MISS AMERICANA' has been made!.
Purple Oreo
Purple Oreo 11 soat oldin
Would have been fun if you would have been the one. Lyrics hit hard when you messed up and now only stuck with "what if's" left of the relationship
Betty S.
Betty S. 19 soat oldin
nice ❤️
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 22 soat oldin
I'm Ariana fans but after I listen to the whole forklore album , I think now i fall in love with it and becoming Taylor swift fan!!!
Menaka Mehta
Menaka Mehta Kun oldin
Saying "yes" Instead of "no" It touches as it is true
crystal gall
crystal gall Kun oldin
This is the 1...yessssss
Hat Kun oldin
But it would have been fun, if you could've been the cos^2x+sin^2x
Kryzzyl Maulas
Kryzzyl Maulas Kun oldin
I was thinking last night that maybe if we only just met each other now, we could've done things differently. But then I realized, If I hadn't met you before, I wouldn't know things I've known now. Indeed, everything has been elaborately planned. We both know we were something, but that's that. It's nice if it would've been you. But the greatest love of all time are over now.
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Kun oldin
The 1. 😆
Frank Smith
Frank Smith Kun oldin
Osama Salih
Osama Salih Kun oldin
1:25 So funny
imbored232 Kun oldin
This is just giving me the best vibes ever. I love Taylor Swift so much and her music is just so amazing!
Prerna Ahuja
Prerna Ahuja Kun oldin
Cried a solid after hearing the whole album. The whole album sums up all that I've been feeling for the longest time ever. Thank you for this fantabulous work of art, Taylor! ❤️❤️
E G Kun oldin
E G Kun oldin
I'm the only one!
Chandra Wijaya
Chandra Wijaya Kun oldin
Phil Goodx7
Phil Goodx7 2 kun oldin
been hanging with kendrick i see
A Fernandez
A Fernandez 2 kun oldin
I loved you more than I ever loved myself. So much I forgot that I matter, too. I was mad at you for lying to me and not giving me the reassurance I needed to be okay. You broke me. I was okay with picking up the pieces on my own but I wanted you to help me. I wanted to see you cared. I know you were hurting but you lied to me so much. After what happened, I could never be with you. I could never trust you. In the end, you came full circle. You lied all the way to the end. You tried to keep me around. You tried to ruin my peace. But the thing about picking up the pieces on my own was that I realized I didn't need you as much as I thought. Yes, cutting the chord was hard but I am much better now and even though it will always sting, it does not hurt like it used to. You're just memories now and that's all you'll ever be. Whereas before I could not fathom the idea of never seeing you again, I am okay with it now. Best wishes.
luis carlos
luis carlos 2 kun oldin
Perfeita ...
Rachel schneider
Rachel schneider 2 kun oldin
Alicia Souvelle
Alicia Souvelle 2 kun oldin
William Brito
William Brito 2 kun oldin
*Folklore is the masterpiece
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 2 kun oldin
This song is so beautiful!!!
Anna W
Anna W 2 kun oldin
“if you wanted me you really should have showed” “it would’ve been you” ❤️❤️my favorite lines❤️❤️ comment ur faves 🤣
seren halcyon
seren halcyon 2 kun oldin
i want her to invite me for tea so we can sip some with chocolate brownies while watching her writing another story of art
Trixie Causin
Trixie Causin 2 kun oldin
"And if my wishes came true, it would've been YOU." -this songs reminds me of you. I hope you're well wherever you are.
Madison Zenni
Madison Zenni 3 kun oldin
Such a beautiful song ❤️
Fabio 3 kun oldin
Brittany Romeo
Brittany Romeo 3 kun oldin
Dhenjie Mendoza
Dhenjie Mendoza 3 kun oldin
“You met someone on the internet and take her home” okay thanks taylor for making it a song
Eve Snowland
Eve Snowland 3 kun oldin
I love her songs when she playing chilly. I love her calm songs.
Red Future
Red Future 3 kun oldin
Yeah had I not been texting for months. I'd be there!
Red Future
Red Future 3 kun oldin
I'm going to church! Now
Adeyemi Kasali
Adeyemi Kasali 3 kun oldin
I like to think of this as a letter Mia would’ve written to Sebastian a few years after La La Land.
Mark Joseph Cayanan
Mark Joseph Cayanan 18 soat oldin
Oh no. 💔😭
Mariana 3 kun oldin
melhor album sem dúvida. deixou de ser uma moça mimada e se tornou referencia. e olha que tenho 43 anos. nem sabia que TS existia antes desse trabalho. vi os anteriores. merdas
Rosy Samudra
Rosy Samudra 3 kun oldin
her voice!!!!!
Faline Arthur
Faline Arthur 3 kun oldin
I'm obsessed with every song on this album. I think it's been on repeat since the moment it came out. Love me some Tay Swift!!!
Lale Sharifova
Lale Sharifova 3 kun oldin
That girl is amazing 😍❤️❤️❤️
ex tothenetwork
ex tothenetwork 3 kun oldin
It's ok. I'm a super-psychic, to scientists at least.
Christian Brylle
Christian Brylle 3 kun oldin
Songwriter of the year. Well deserved. Always.
Eduardo Robles
Eduardo Robles 4 kun oldin
s Schevesaurus
s Schevesaurus 4 kun oldin
Late to the party but I'm here
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones 4 kun oldin
I gotta say but Taylor swift has the most beautiful voice the moment I heArd it in this song I just knew it was gonna be a great song
Jerrica Benton
Jerrica Benton 3 kun oldin
there are so many singers that have annoying singing voices, they over sing and yell and its grating. but taylors voice is so smooth, just a really nice tone no matter how energetic or calm the song is.
kairinaminemix 4 kun oldin
When you a hate a song because it hits toooo close to home 😢😭
milo mano
milo mano 4 kun oldin
im a dua fan but i wish taylor will get the album and d pop vocal album
Khads Ginwala
Khads Ginwala 4 kun oldin
"If my wishes came true It would have been you " Hit me on a different level ❤🌍
Andres Santana
Andres Santana 4 kun oldin
“How small do you want the lyrics?” Taylor: yes
Virginia Teran Noyola
Virginia Teran Noyola 4 kun oldin
"2020 in a nutshell" for me 💔 I didn't know i needed more songs to cry to... 🥺
Dawood Akbar
Dawood Akbar 4 kun oldin
ill be honest i am your typical metal head whos fav band is cannibal corpse but this shit is stuck in my head
Subhojit Ghosh
Subhojit Ghosh 4 kun oldin
I am seriously in love with her
the folklore detective
the folklore detective 5 kun oldin
Jessica Wright
Jessica Wright 5 kun oldin
The song is so hard. Helps but it’s raw.
DAVID V HOLDER 5 kun oldin
Digging into gravestone unknown will be separate of search&ifdisplay century numbers 8 of no mistake here we are one on one
Samantha Whitman
Samantha Whitman 5 kun oldin
Lovely as always
JOVEL JARAVATA 5 kun oldin
Pete Owen
Pete Owen 5 kun oldin
Huge The National vibe. No surprise since Aaron is heavily involved. That’s absolutely fine.
Jordan Belfort
Jordan Belfort 5 kun oldin
Taytay Font size is too small don't u think
Risso _
Risso _ 5 kun oldin
The Best album of all time 🤎🌾
Risso _
Risso _ 5 kun oldin
I love this song ☺️🧡
Risso _
Risso _ 5 kun oldin
Taylor Queen 👑💞
Angeeel 5 kun oldin
This song is the best of Folklore 🔥
PUJAA 5 kun oldin
My favorite song from the album
JF 5 kun oldin
This song physically hurts to listen to, idk just me being heartbroken ig
Lyra Aguirre
Lyra Aguirre 5 kun oldin
Who else came here when the Grammys announced she's up for 6 noms? Folklore deserve AOTY. No one can change my mind.
Abigael Cabanada
Abigael Cabanada 5 kun oldin
Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera 5 kun oldin
This album is amazing
bee-at-trees q
bee-at-trees q 6 kun oldin
been listening to this for the billionth time, thanks T.Swift lovely song
The Letter J
The Letter J 6 kun oldin
Wow, great song and lyrics by an exceptional & great musician! I actually happen to really like this one, but guys, in all seriousness are the words on the video small enough for you?!??
christine 6 kun oldin
someones said that this is jo and laurie's song :(
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 6 kun oldin
Fines and ear plugs. St and short term contract with not me. You love to steal Hallsville life. Governments HELP OUT SOMETIME
Frank Smith
Frank Smith 6 kun oldin
Taylor swift- Wednesday she on some new sht.
Nicole Delancey
Nicole Delancey 6 kun oldin
Underrated song:( she deserves more especially the Cardigan MV that still has 70 Million Vi3ws
PRABIR PAL 6 kun oldin
Guys, comment your new top 3 from Folklore after listening to the live album!!!! For me, it was The 1, Cardigan, Betty But now, my list is.... 1. This is me trying 2. Exile 3. My tears ricochet Do comment yours☺
Cherry An Gacula
Cherry An Gacula 6 kun oldin
Wish this one has MV 😔
Evy Gil
Evy Gil 6 kun oldin
Syaa Rahh
Syaa Rahh 6 kun oldin
dear taylor, if you read this ill be glad person. i just want u to know that there are one person want to see you on her birthday. and She's my bestfriend. I know, that was the hard demand. but can you reply me? just said happy birthday to her. Her birthday is on 7 December.
อิสาน ไร้เต้อ
อิสาน ไร้เต้อ 6 kun oldin
Miss you❤️❤️
arlin chaapel
arlin chaapel 6 kun oldin
I love you Taylor Swift ❤️
FlaminHot_cheetos 6 kun oldin
I don't know why I stopped hearing Taylor swift?!
PRABIR PAL 6 kun oldin
Don't stop! It's an advice. Taylor's art has an unreachable level. Folklore made me a fan. A diehard one. Ugh, I love her so much
Erin Pasimio
Erin Pasimio 6 kun oldin
"We never painted by the numbers, baby But we were making it count" lyrical genius
Mary Philomina Jenifer V
Mary Philomina Jenifer V 7 kun oldin
Listened to it the first time & fell in love with this beautiful song ❤️
Raj J Putari
Raj J Putari 7 kun oldin
Might get intercepted but what the hey, love the song; 14 We look at it, and we do not see it, and we name it 'the Equable.' We listen to it, and we do not hear it, and we name it 'the Inaudible.' We try to grasp it, and do not get hold of it, and we name it 'the Subtle.' With these three qualities, it cannot be made the subject of description; and hence we blend them together and obtain The One. Its upper part is not bright, and its lower part is not obscure. Ceaseless in its action, it yet cannot be named, and then it again returns and becomes nothing. This is called the Form of the Formless, and the Semblance of the Invisible; this is called the Fleeting and Indeterminable. We meet it and do not see its Front; we follow it, and do not see its Back. When we can lay hold of the Tao of old to direct the things of the present day, and are able to know it as it was of old in the beginning, this is called (unwinding) the clue of Tao
Ace Dela Cruz
Ace Dela Cruz 7 kun oldin
If you are looking for Kim Seokjin’s favorite playlist here ya go. 💜☺️
Leonardo Souza
Leonardo Souza 7 kun oldin
Eu amo demais essa música
eric li
eric li 7 kun oldin
*please please.......support this music genius's Grammy Nominated album on apple music download*
eric li
eric li 7 kun oldin
*please please.......support this music genius's Grammy Nominated album on apple music download*
eric li
eric li 7 kun oldin
*please please.......support this music genius's Grammy Nominated album on apple music download*
Camila Rodríguez
Camila Rodríguez 7 kun oldin
this is a masterpiece. argue with the wall
mikeecruzadooo 7 kun oldin
Mercedes Serra Cortes
Mercedes Serra Cortes 7 kun oldin
te amo
Shannon Farrar
Shannon Farrar 7 kun oldin
Tylor is the best she has a better voice than me and the world she could roll the world hehe!!*
Aline Freitas
Aline Freitas 7 kun oldin
Eu amo está canção
justin Forever
justin Forever 7 kun oldin
Anyone after Grammy awards 2021
Sonora Linnea
Sonora Linnea 7 kun oldin
Folklore is by far my most favorite album this year. I especially love this song because it gives me a feeling of past memories and it makes me feel several emotions. It's like a glimpse into the past and then turning back around with a new found strength to not dwell on the past and to now face the future.
Brenda Melany Choque Mayta
Brenda Melany Choque Mayta 7 kun oldin
I can't explain how much I love this Album, thank you Taylor 😊
Seth McGrath
Seth McGrath 7 kun oldin
my version: It would've been fun if I could've been the one :,(
Seth McGrath
Seth McGrath 7 kun oldin
im not a taylor swift fan. this is a great song. her best.
Tom Żur
Tom Żur 7 kun oldin
This video is great! 💙
Ally Stenzel
Ally Stenzel 7 kun oldin
this is the album that will get me through Covid 19 I ❤️ Taylor # Swiftie
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