Taylor Swift - illicit affairs (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “illicit affairs” - off her album ‘folklore.’
Album available here: store.taylorswift.com
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Lorena Caparros
Lorena Caparros 43 daqiqa oldin
que música legal nunca tinha ouvido
Tan Madeleine
Tan Madeleine 2 soat oldin
This song is soooo "me" ;) relatable!
Ma. Angelica
Ma. Angelica 3 soat oldin
illicit affairs could be enchanted’s sequel when it turns out that he is in love with someone else
Benjamín Islas
Benjamín Islas 6 soat oldin
I have revisited this album thanks to the new long pond studio sessions and let me just say it makes so much more sense now in Fall than it did in summer, can't help to love it even more.
Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart 20 soat oldin
*so you leave no trace behind. Like you don't even exist* : )
Amber Conley
Amber Conley Kun oldin
19 year old says this album is trash.... I said BS! She’s grown up!
Amber Conley
Amber Conley Kun oldin
This album is amazing
Kanta Devi
Kanta Devi Kun oldin
my top5 1.illicit affairs 2.betty 3. exile 4. mad women 5.hoax/august
xzychopath Kun oldin
i feel happy and sad at the same time knowing the one she's pertaining to on this one is joe and their relationship that always has a paparazi whenever they go out together in public
Inaaya Nafees
Inaaya Nafees Kun oldin
Arnulf286 Kun oldin
My headcanon is that this song is about a 20-something gay guy who hooked up with a married man twice his age but ended up having feelings for him.
Louie N. Paton-og
Louie N. Paton-og 2 kun oldin
[cries in gay yearning]
Clement Español
Clement Español 2 kun oldin
The goosebumps you feel with that bridge. We hear a woman screaming at her maddest.
Merwhin Dantes
Merwhin Dantes 3 kun oldin
A song for all became the third party in a secret relationship.
Masih K.
Masih K. 3 kun oldin
The song title should have been a million little times
Avishi Bhalla
Avishi Bhalla 3 kun oldin
'A dwindling mercurial high' Best lyric in the whole song
Allison Perez Rodriguez
Allison Perez Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
taylor is the only one that makes you side with the cheated, the lover and the unfaithful .. she makes you feel for everyone only in an album
BowMaster 4 kun oldin
Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge
CC Group 11 - Sy, Samantha Hope
CC Group 11 - Sy, Samantha Hope 4 kun oldin
Soulful ❤️❤️❤️
trustmi73 4 kun oldin
Where is the translation
Yogesh Pal
Yogesh Pal 4 kun oldin
Only bad thing about this song is that it ends after 3:12 . And you start it all over again just like a broken relationship. Fresh start
Alicia Souvelle
Alicia Souvelle 5 kun oldin
TM 5 kun oldin
The live version she sang on Disney Plus is even better.
contx 5 kun oldin
harry styles? to be so lonely.
Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart 5 kun oldin
So underrated
Ashley Meers
Ashley Meers 6 kun oldin
Such a beautiful album 💛
Brian Brito
Brian Brito 6 kun oldin
is she cheating on him
Lil Ray Of Darkness
Lil Ray Of Darkness 6 kun oldin
I know no one asked but these are my favourites from the album: • Illicit affair • August • Mad woman • The last great american dynasty
Jhoanne Nicole
Jhoanne Nicole 6 kun oldin
taylor puts a lyric video with lyrics you can't barely see. haha still luvvvv u
Karen Zeringue
Karen Zeringue 7 kun oldin
A real flex would be feeling nothing listening to this song
Jacekelino Winkler
Jacekelino Winkler 7 kun oldin
Chaabby Bunny
Chaabby Bunny 7 kun oldin
Hits different at 3am
一小片蓝天 7 kun oldin
I'm comparing the long pond recording sessions with the originals
Sallynna Jeblin
Sallynna Jeblin 7 kun oldin
This is just so sad
Jefferson Victor
Jefferson Victor 8 kun oldin
Essa música toca a minha alma!
Alicia Souvelle
Alicia Souvelle 9 kun oldin
Itz Chereiahbibz
Itz Chereiahbibz 9 kun oldin
This whole Album seems like something that would play in twilight
Kevin Solis
Kevin Solis 6 kun oldin
Roy D Mathis
Roy D Mathis 9 kun oldin
María Herrera
María Herrera 10 kun oldin
Te amo Taylor
L J 10 kun oldin
“tAyLOr SWifT oNLy haS HuMAn fAnS” Like if you’re an asteroid
Matheus Correa
Matheus Correa 10 kun oldin
The entire album is absolutely amazing, a truly work of art and music of our Miss Americana 💙❤️
Ayusha Thapa Magar
Ayusha Thapa Magar 10 kun oldin
How did I not notice that she referred to "The road not taken" poem in the 1st verse??!?!?!?!?!?!
Ayusha Thapa Magar
Ayusha Thapa Magar 9 kun oldin
@Bread Crumbs oh yaya i forgot the title😅
Bread Crumbs
Bread Crumbs 9 kun oldin
Ohh is it "the road not taken"?
Jo Al
Jo Al 11 kun oldin
illicit affairs' bridge is far more beautiful than the golden gate bridge!
Gisele Lee
Gisele Lee 11 kun oldin
Taylor,can I chat with you ?
Gisele Lee
Gisele Lee 11 kun oldin
We miss you
darklord King
darklord King 11 kun oldin
It very well describes the emotions felt
Aysegul Bayramcavus
Aysegul Bayramcavus 11 kun oldin
Messianic Century
Messianic Century 11 kun oldin
Taylor you showed me colors I can't see with anyone else you taught me a language I can't speak with anyone else - best lyrics I ever did hear. I love you I'm writing a legal document just for you to read.
Eden Gallagher
Eden Gallagher 12 kun oldin
I just love how well all the lyric videos fit the vibes of each song
LOVE, AMOR 12 kun oldin
everyone saying that august is underrated but why u guys sleeping on illicit affairs 😭
Andrea Muentes
Andrea Muentes 12 kun oldin
Esta va para todos los que tenemos un amigo con derecho que amamos en secreto
Duhhiane 12 kun oldin
This is one of my fav songs of taylor
Jasmine Miguel
Jasmine Miguel 12 kun oldin
This song reminded me also of Wildest Dreams
me_likes_tay 12 kun oldin
I cant get over how beautiful the lyrics are
Amelie De La Garza
Amelie De La Garza 14 kun oldin
Me listening to folklore: feels happy and nostalgic: then feels angry and sad.
me_likes_tay 14 kun oldin
Folklore makes me feel a million different feelings each time I hear it
The Ravenclaaaws
The Ravenclaaaws 15 kun oldin
After watching this video a million times, I just started staring at the words. Notice how she lifts certain words higher than the others. Like “And YOU know damn well, for you I would RUIN myself, a million little times.” Almost as if she’s writing in this secret language they made up in the song. Translated would be “You ruin a million little times.” Most stunning thing I’ve ever witnessed
Jester Trinidad
Jester Trinidad 15 kun oldin
I don't know why but I low-key love Illicit Affairs. It's so warming and delicate, perfect song for a gloomy weather
Tarek Ezzeddine
Tarek Ezzeddine 15 kun oldin
Is Taylor trying to make us blind with these tiny lyrics?
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 15 kun oldin
“Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me” We love you Taylor Swift.
taisir daibes
taisir daibes 15 kun oldin
Make sure nobody sees you leave, 🥺
Kong Chanley
Kong Chanley 15 kun oldin
Folklore has no skips.
Aaron Catapang
Aaron Catapang 15 kun oldin
Aaron Catapang
Aaron Catapang 15 kun oldin
Anne Jimenez
Anne Jimenez 15 kun oldin
The tune is sound like the song Mandy.
Tika - -
Tika - - 16 kun oldin
Can't get enough of this song
Upscale Avenue
Upscale Avenue 16 kun oldin
This song has one of the best bridges on the album. It's so cutting and straightforward. I love it.
Chica90099 17 kun oldin
Love how this song builds. ♥️
R 17 kun oldin
طيب بس انا ليش ابكي لما اسمعها؟
ThatGirlNamedFangirl 17 kun oldin
Even my THREE year old sister LOVES THE BRIDGE so much she had it memorized and she sings it wholeheartedly ❤️🤣🤣
Alana 17 kun oldin
this song always has me in tears :(
sistersoapia 18 kun oldin
151k likes and only 800 dislikes. WE SWIFTIES ARE POWERFUL
Vlad Leiva
Vlad Leiva 18 kun oldin
This hits different when you had an actual illicit affair that didn’t end up well during quarantine.
Jadd Agliam
Jadd Agliam 18 kun oldin
illicit affairs...damn! who's guilty?
R 18 kun oldin
A million little tiiiiimmmeeeesss..
Вова Лось
Вова Лось 18 kun oldin
💕💕 💕 Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Hare Hare 💕 💕💕
Pamela Maloy
Pamela Maloy 18 kun oldin
I love you Tay❣🌞❤❤❤
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 19 kun oldin
Who is here after Paul McCartney interview???
Michele Negro
Michele Negro 19 kun oldin
this, tlgad, exile and the 1 should been singles
Danerys Stormborn
Danerys Stormborn 19 kun oldin
search 'vote amas' and you'll see it on the billboard website page You can log in with both your Facebook and Twitter accounts to vote, at a maximum of 10 times for each category. Only 3 days left to vote Make sure to vote for Taylor Swift in -Artist of the Year -Favorite Music Video (Cardigan) -Favorite Female Artist - Pop/Rock -Favorite Album - Pop/Rock (folklore)
Juganwa Comedy
Juganwa Comedy 19 kun oldin
illicit affairs
JF 20 kun oldin
I used to think she was saying “planned destined meetings.” She isn’t, but that would have been a really cool oxymoron.
Mac-Mac Grey
Mac-Mac Grey 7 kun oldin
This comment is a 💣🤯
Bread Crumbs
Bread Crumbs 9 kun oldin
Omg same
Iko Andaya
Iko Andaya 20 kun oldin
Illicit affairs could be sugarland and Taylor's Babe but In Taylor's (the affair) perspective.
Αφροδίτη Νικολαου
Αφροδίτη Νικολαου 20 kun oldin
And you know damn well For you I would ruin myself A million little times 💙
Pratiksha Sil
Pratiksha Sil 21 kun oldin
Taylor: "dwindling mercurial high" Me: It's dictionary time!!! . . . . Shakespeare who? I know Taylor Swift 🖤
Vladimir Badic
Vladimir Badic 21 kun oldin
"Folklore" is a jewel. Top of the music, poetry and visuals. Brilliant.
JF 22 kun oldin
Silently lip-screaming the bridge to this song
prapti gupta
prapti gupta 22 kun oldin
Idk why, but this song really reminds me of the 2009 Taylor, the "old" Taylor
Celin Tigley
Celin Tigley 22 kun oldin
Its been 3 monthz but i still listen to it everyday
Raimen Meneses
Raimen Meneses 23 kun oldin
It's Nov 10, 2020 rep anniversary and "you know damn well for you I would ruin my self a million little times" still hurts me asf.
Estefanía Blanco
Estefanía Blanco 23 kun oldin
sunshine lola
sunshine lola 23 kun oldin
i need to find a better coping mechanism other than this album
Billie Mendes
Billie Mendes 23 kun oldin
This is one of the saddest songs in folklore😭 then August, Hoax and Cardigan.
TL d
TL d 24 kun oldin
*"You showed me colors you know I can't see with anyone else"* Me: THATS GAY
dRunK x
dRunK x 24 kun oldin
monique gm
monique gm 25 kun oldin
awe, this is so beautiful.
Emr Berlin
Emr Berlin 25 kun oldin
This song is such a grower omg can‘t stop listening
Akanksha 25 kun oldin
No doubt Taylor is one of the best lyricists. But it makes me sad that "WHITE HORSE" is so underrated. White horse is one of the most beautiful songs of Taylor.
Sarah Rybak
Sarah Rybak 14 kun oldin
White horse won a Grammy, and Swifties scream all the lyrics whenever she plays it live, so I don't think it's underrated❤
MorningStar 26 kun oldin
''You showed me colors you know I can't see with anyone else'' this is so Hannibal and Will
Mario Alberto Plata chavarria
Mario Alberto Plata chavarria 26 kun oldin
Song of the Year Love this song💜💜
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