Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm (Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video for "Christmas Tree Farm" performed by Taylor Swift. Stream / download the song now: taylor.lnk.to/XMASTreeFarmID
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"Christmas Tree Farm" Lyrics by Taylor Swift:
My winter nights are taken up by static, stress and holiday shopping traffic
But I close my eyes and I’m somewhere else - just like magic...
In my heart is a Christmas tree farm
Where the people would come
To dance under sparkling lights
Bundled up in their mittens and coats
And the cider would flow
And I just wanna be there tonight
Sweet dreams
Of holly and ribbon
Mistakes are forgiven
And everything is icy and blue
And you would be there, too
Under the mistletoe
Watching the fire glow
And telling me, I love you
Just being in your arms
Takes me back to that little farm
Where every wish comes true
In my heart is a Christmas tree farm
There’s a light in the barn
We’d run inside out from the cold
In the town kids are dreaming of sleighs
And they’re warm and they’re safe
They wake to see a blanket of snow
Sweet dreams
Of holly and ribbon
Mistakes are forgiven
And everything is icy and blue
And you would be there, too
Under the mistletoe
Watching the fire glow
And telling me, I love you
Just being in your arms
Takes me back to that little farm
Where every wish comes true
Oh baby, yeah
And when I’m feeling alone
You remind me of home
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
And when the world isn’t fair
I pretend that we’re there
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas…to you
Under the mistletoe…to you
Watching the fire glow
And telling me, I love you
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
I love you
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
Baby, baby, Merry Christmas
May your every wish come true
I love you
#TaylorSwift #ChristmasTreeFarm
Music video by Taylor Swift performing Christmas Tree Farm (Lyric Video). © 2019 Taylor Swift

KUYA FAITH 2 soat oldin
I can not find my Comment here last year haha. "We Could Leave the Christmas Lights Up 'Till January"
Rosié García
Rosié García 3 soat oldin
Samir Herrera
Samir Herrera 8 soat oldin
Counting down to Christmas and new year 2020 December 1:✅ December 2: December 3: December 4: December 5: December 6: December 7: December 8: December 9: December 10: December 11: December 12: December 13: December 14: December 15: December 16: December 17: December 18: December 19: December 20: December 21: December 22: December 23: December 24: December 25: December 26: December 27: December 28: December 29: December 30: December 31: Like this so I can remember it!❄️
Daniela Aranjo
Daniela Aranjo 9 soat oldin
Merry Christmas guyssss🎅
Tris 13 soat oldin
This song feels like home
Hayden Alison Swift
Hayden Alison Swift 13 soat oldin
Waiting for Christmas 🌨️❄️☃️
Kate swift
Kate swift 19 soat oldin
xzychopath Kun oldin
i love how "my" is written as "myyyyy" and also "byyyy" hahahaha
Emil Maria Theres
Emil Maria Theres Kun oldin
Welcome December....
Marcela Polanco
Marcela Polanco Kun oldin
Mañana es diciembre y ya la ando cantando ☺🌲❤
Aisha Merchant
Aisha Merchant Kun oldin
Who’s here in December 2020🥰
Rica Mae Bacatano
Rica Mae Bacatano Kun oldin
I love you ❤️
Zeynep G.
Zeynep G. 2 kun oldin
Tomorrow is December 1. I am very excited. So i will listen to this every day until Christmas.
I'm weird
I'm weird 2 kun oldin
So... Time to listen to this song on repeat all December
Andrew В
Andrew В 2 kun oldin
Song at divorce ✅ Song for wedding ✅ Song for Christmas ✅ Taylor Swift 🖤
Ashanti Shurat
Ashanti Shurat 2 kun oldin
This song makes me feel warm and happy 🥰
A Switie who is a Hollands and loves anime too.
A Switie who is a Hollands and loves anime too. 3 kun oldin
Wow, this is amazing. Major improved of mood in lover.......♡♡♡
Uyên Phương
Uyên Phương 3 kun oldin
Cannot stop listening to this 😍😍😍🎄❄☃️
Cn Tan
Cn Tan 3 kun oldin
Can we add this to the list of Christmas Carol's officially pls
Ma. Eliza Esguerra
Ma. Eliza Esguerra 4 kun oldin
DOUGIE FRESH 007 4 kun oldin
Merry Christmas
Leslie Edwards
Leslie Edwards 5 kun oldin
Such a sweet song!
Fiomymi 6 kun oldin
Who else will be listenting to this Christmas 2020 too? \^-^/
Barbora Žižková
Barbora Žižková 6 kun oldin
She is amazing ❤️
Stephanie Raimundo
Stephanie Raimundo 7 kun oldin
I cried every time that I heard this on the radio last year.
Rose-Lyn Grant
Rose-Lyn Grant 8 kun oldin
This should be a top Christmas song
Andrew S
Andrew S 8 kun oldin
This song would be playing during the credits of a Hallmark movie. 😂
Ella Doeringer
Ella Doeringer 9 kun oldin
One more month till Christmas and I can put this on blast without people looking at me like IT IS NOT CHRISTMAS😜🎄😂
Maddie Italiano
Maddie Italiano 10 kun oldin
Who’s here in 2020
A a d s C l
A a d s C l 10 kun oldin
Is this 2/4 time or 4/4 time I think it’s 4/4 time
Squash Rex 62
Squash Rex 62 10 kun oldin
I admit the lyrics in the background is very Christmas Eve vibe . But I just can’t see Actors or Singers or Directors that would mind 2020 what strange and crazy year . Mostly I be excited when was November 21 because , the Store have Christmas stuff and people is getting ready for Christmas at December .
Amber Chen
Amber Chen 11 kun oldin
I love this song on i also love it when she goes I LOVR YOU OOO in the high voice i can do it like ariana grande but taylor is my favorite singer.
Kaylee Quist
Kaylee Quist 13 kun oldin
Already listening to this ❤️❤️❤️
Ayushree Barman
Ayushree Barman 13 kun oldin
Why is nobody talking about the myyyyyy in the beginning?
Gabby Johnson
Gabby Johnson 14 kun oldin
i love this
Deniz 14 kun oldin
I wish 2020 would be this beautiful but... I believe in 2021
Noah Fleischman
Noah Fleischman 15 kun oldin
I hope this becomes an annual hit like All I Want For Xmas is You and Santa Tell Me ♥
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines 17 kun oldin
November 2020?
Tali Steveyssis
Tali Steveyssis 17 kun oldin
Tali Steveyssis
Tali Steveyssis 17 kun oldin
Roxana Dragos
Roxana Dragos 18 kun oldin
Every wish comes true! She made my christmas better :) with this song
Paweł Sliwa
Paweł Sliwa 22 kun oldin
What a song amazing !
Jessi Snow
Jessi Snow 23 kun oldin
This just got recommended to me... it’s time to get festive 🎄🎄
Gorgeous Swift
Gorgeous Swift 23 kun oldin
This song makes me so frickin happy for no reason , I love it , I love Taylor , I love swifties , I love being alive , I enjoy life💖 Stay safe gorgeous people❤️✨🧚🏼‍♀️
Ngọc Tú Dương
Ngọc Tú Dương 23 kun oldin
Christmas 2020
grace li
grace li 24 kun oldin
People: "it's too early for Christmas season" In my heart is...a Christmas tree farm
João M
João M 24 kun oldin
make a new christmas ep Tay
Alfredo Hernández
Alfredo Hernández 24 kun oldin
I like it
Isaiah Vertz
Isaiah Vertz 25 kun oldin
We need this again but as a whole album
Prajwal Raut
Prajwal Raut 25 kun oldin
Taylor : everything's icy and blue Meanwhile xmas tree and every other decorations : 👁👄👁
Via 26 kun oldin
Here we go again!
Laura Naomi 回
Laura Naomi 回 26 kun oldin
im getting really excited for christmas eeee
winerose swift
winerose swift 26 kun oldin
Here before Christmas.
Hayden Rose323
Hayden Rose323 27 kun oldin
Who’s here for this Christmas?
Laksmi Lunn
Laksmi Lunn 27 kun oldin
You actually feel her smile and can hear her smile ❤️🥺
Htinhtut Changthang
Htinhtut Changthang 28 kun oldin
i have no subscriber but i love you Taylor Swift
Emily G
Emily G 29 kun oldin
Who else is watching after Halloween is over? Time to break out the Taylor Swift Christmas album! 🎄
Mario Alberto Plata chavarria
Mario Alberto Plata chavarria 29 kun oldin
Esta canción está en mi cabeza desde ahora jaja que comienze!!!!
Alexis Targaryen
Alexis Targaryen 29 kun oldin
This song is completely a bop, makes me want to celebrate christmas lol
John Wayne Mar
John Wayne Mar 29 kun oldin
Such an underrated Christmas Song😭💖
Poo 29 kun oldin
I love how happy she sounds in this song. It makes me happy.
Betty Boop
Betty Boop Oy oldin
November 1 2020 that s is cheerful song .
dynasaurrus Oy oldin
i thought of an mv and i can't get out of it, help
Bonnie N Clyde
Bonnie N Clyde Oy oldin
Christmas is coming, I'll be playing this loudly here in our town cuz why not
lexi lex
lexi lex Oy oldin
The lyrics are pure whimsical and magical ✨🎄✨❄️⛄️✨🤍✨🎶
Matrix Oy oldin
Merry Christmas, from the Philippines!
F-59 Jeffrey Lalrina
F-59 Jeffrey Lalrina Oy oldin
Hi from india
Isabella Estevez
Isabella Estevez Oy oldin
You should have participated the rightest way... Tree-lovering through the season. PEACE, WORLD. Q
gabrihinyo _
gabrihinyo _ Oy oldin
Suhani Gupta
Suhani Gupta Oy oldin
This song is just so heartwarming, simple free all at once !! Lover her skills and her ❤️
Jecko Espinoza
Jecko Espinoza Oy oldin
Sofocles 7u7
Sofocles 7u7 Oy oldin
17 de octubre 2020 xd
Puja Pokhrel
Puja Pokhrel Oy oldin
Anyone listening this song in october? 😂❣😂
Luvie6 Zen
Luvie6 Zen Oy oldin
10/14/20 ヽ( ᐛ )ノ
Abi Perying
Abi Perying Oy oldin
Kate swift
Kate swift Oy oldin
I love you Taylor 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Tushar Singaraju
Tushar Singaraju Oy oldin
Instant Christmas 🎄 mood on
Taylor Levine
Taylor Levine Oy oldin
My new favorite Christmas song
Juan Guillermo Collante
Juan Guillermo Collante Oy oldin
David Michael
David Michael Oy oldin
That bridge though...This song is truly magical as any classic Christmas song should be.
J O U R D A N k
J O U R D A N k Oy oldin
Listening in OCTOBER
Luvie6 Zen
Luvie6 Zen Oy oldin
Emma Kruszka
Emma Kruszka 2 oy oldin
October ...I finally broke
Martin Kroebel
Martin Kroebel 2 oy oldin
I used to live in Reading, PA for about 3 yrs.
Fish On Land
Fish On Land 2 oy oldin
Hands down, the best christmas carol ever
Luke Iverson
Luke Iverson 2 oy oldin
Never knew this was published on my Birthday Last Year. 💖
WendellConjurado 2 oy oldin
taylor: everything is icy and blue me in philippines 👁👄👁.
Xam Aldaba
Xam Aldaba Oy oldin
Sana all Taylor
Alok Ranjan
Alok Ranjan 2 oy oldin
In icy region winter bursts the woods become helpless and the region feel alone the one and only light blessed the universe sizzling to the soul the Mary Christmas
LIBRIAN Sana 2 oy oldin
I am no Christian but i like this song XD
Tara 2 oy oldin
I’m already listening to Christmas music, especially this song ❤️🎄✨
Banshan Lamare
Banshan Lamare 2 oy oldin
I started listening from September
Rich Watson
Rich Watson 2 oy oldin
Needs a vinyl release
Remegio Gallardo D'third
Remegio Gallardo D'third 2 oy oldin
September 2020 anyone?
Clarence del Rosario
Clarence del Rosario 2 oy oldin
I'm on a Taylor Swift Christmas marathon! 🎄🎁🎊🎉❄️
Samaya kumar
Samaya kumar 2 oy oldin
i fall in love with this song every time i listen to it
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 2 oy oldin
If folklore had a Christmas song 😂
So Nita
So Nita 2 oy oldin
Enjoy Christmas song in summer
Alje Ann Casul
Alje Ann Casul 2 oy oldin
Time is so fast, I used to play it last year, and now I'm playing it again.. Yuletide season is coming .. 😇
Taylor Seth Collins
Taylor Seth Collins 2 oy oldin
Hey!! It's BER MONTHS now. We should play this Song til New year's Day ❤️❤️❤️❤️
DexterDeguia 2 oy oldin
Anyone listening in September??
Betty Reynolds
Betty Reynolds 3 oy oldin
I don’t even know this existed
Rome Blanchard
Rome Blanchard 3 oy oldin
Merry christmas y'all
Last Christmas
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