Taylor Swift - Call It What You Want (Lyric Video)

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Stephen Eich
Stephen Eich 9 soat oldin
i swear this song gets better and better with every listen.
Pierø - TØP
Pierø - TØP Kun oldin
Se copio del titulo de Foster The People unu
Rupesh Sukale
Rupesh Sukale Kun oldin
This song hit differently. ❤️
Taylor Swift memes
Taylor Swift memes Kun oldin
This is the most positive comment section I've ever seen❤️
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU 2 kun oldin
karlie what you want
Blank 2 kun oldin
**I want to wear his Initial on a chain round my neck**
there she goes
there she goes 2 kun oldin
no matter what's happening in my life or how I feel, this song gets me every time
Klaudiusz Kordylewski
Klaudiusz Kordylewski 3 kun oldin
After "Miss Americana" I finally understand the "Reputation" songs! 😭💗💖 She's so gorgeous!!! 💕💖💝💓💞💋❣️💘💗
Vinit Srivastava
Vinit Srivastava 4 kun oldin
Love you Taylor.
سِمة 4 kun oldin
2:21 "i recall late november" nov 29th, 12:21Am
Ben Bailey
Ben Bailey 4 kun oldin
My song " MAMA" ms. U
Jenna Esteban
Jenna Esteban 4 kun oldin
Polo Jacobo Leyva
Polo Jacobo Leyva 5 kun oldin
Vamos por esos 75 millones amigos!!!
Lynda Baez
Lynda Baez 6 kun oldin
27 noviembre 2020 💜💜💜💜
My Korean World
My Korean World 6 kun oldin
Love this smm!!!!
Faustina Nurhandini adianti
Faustina Nurhandini adianti 6 kun oldin
Is it weird that one of my most favorite lyrics from rep is "Starry eyes sparking up my darkest night"?
Taylor Swift memes
Taylor Swift memes Kun oldin
It's not weird it's one of the best lyrics from reputation
Azyz 1998
Azyz 1998 6 kun oldin
Happy 3rd anniversary
bube udeh
bube udeh 6 kun oldin
Alison Mir
Alison Mir 6 kun oldin
This song is one of the purest, most precious ones she’s ever put out
Menna Stephens Roll
Menna Stephens Roll 7 kun oldin
in the clip at the end, shes painting the wall blue which is the same in the lyrics for paper rings
mmeeh 7 kun oldin
would always come back here
Alia Roy
Alia Roy 8 kun oldin
I know we all love the Kanye references in here, love Joe and all, but let's take a moment to appreciate how beautifully made this lyric video is. It has that journal-ish vibes that really matches the song. And I think that's Tay's handwriting in many of the scenes. Bravo to Taylor and the artists involved in making this video!
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU 4 kun oldin
You love joe? Joe biden is what you mean? same
Keva Stevens
Keva Stevens 9 kun oldin
I think it's cool how at 3:15 she's painting a wall blue then in Paper Rings she says "I'm with you even if it makes me blue, which takes me back to the color we painted your brother's wall." Both songs are about Joe, so I'm assuming the wall there is his brother's. 😱
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU 4 kun oldin
uh.. lol both songs aren't about joe, and uh why are we excluding Joe's other brother from all these discussions? toe is not real.
Silvina Quevedo
Silvina Quevedo 9 kun oldin
Did anybody notice that in the end she's painting the blue wall she references in Paper Rings????
Faizeh Javed
Faizeh Javed 9 kun oldin
I love this song so so so much. Still listening after Lover and folklore.
Frinnzer 9 kun oldin
"all the LIARS are calling me one" hits so different now.
tvtime2122 10 kun oldin
This song and “Clover Cage - Monster” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you.
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 8 kun oldin
I almost believed you comment lol
Shaakira 10 kun oldin
Rod Clint
Rod Clint 10 kun oldin
This one is severely underrated. With headphones it’s personally one of my favorite listens, usually listen to it a few times in a row.
Kuromi Is Senpai
Kuromi Is Senpai 11 kun oldin
One of the best Taylor swift songs and it makes me cry that it’s so underrated
Xinh Đẹp
Xinh Đẹp 12 kun oldin
where is my “he” ????
lausuarz _21
lausuarz _21 12 kun oldin
Holding my breath slowly I said "you don'tneed to save me, but would you run away with me?" "Yes"😭😭😭
Art by Adiyo
Art by Adiyo 13 kun oldin
At least I did one thing right and call it what you want to
lausuarz _21
lausuarz _21 13 kun oldin
3:14 Easter egg☺️I'm with you even if it makes me blue, which takes me back to the color that we painted your brother's wall... Paper rings
Me acuerdo cuando era pequeña me mandaron a comprar huevo y se me rompió todo y mi mama me regaño y me puse a llorar con esta canción :"D
grace ralte
grace ralte 13 kun oldin
Bae... comment hi ilo en nih chuan I did one things right...U 😜
dfnacr07 13 kun oldin
Call it what you want but she is the best.
Serena Van Der Woodsen
Serena Van Der Woodsen 13 kun oldin
This is so deep I’m crying
sansan win
sansan win 13 kun oldin
evan 14 kun oldin
Ecc Lesia
Ecc Lesia 14 kun oldin
I love bets!!!!!
AJ 14 kun oldin
Just One for this Awesome song Underrated!
Aisha Merchant
Aisha Merchant 14 kun oldin
Mariana Bastos
Mariana Bastos 14 kun oldin
Love story: Romeo save me, I've been feeling so alone Call it what you want: You don't need to save me, but would you runna way with me?
Rej Corpuz
Rej Corpuz 14 kun oldin
Bonnie N Clyde
Bonnie N Clyde 15 kun oldin
I am more convinced now that November is JoeTay's anniversary and not on September 🙈
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU Kun oldin
@Taylor Swift memes no taylor isn't straight, she isn't dating toe. Karlie isn't fake, she never took kims side...
Taylor Swift memes
Taylor Swift memes Kun oldin
@Kaylor is real UwU ummm... What they are dating for straight 4 years and karlie kloss is fake she took kim trashdashian side
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU 4 kun oldin
ok, but uh I think there anniversary is never. :D
Bonnie N Clyde
Bonnie N Clyde 15 kun oldin
"I'm doing better than I ever was" As you should Taylor 😭 You're the best!
I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck chain round my neck not because he owns me but cause he really knows me. SO TRUE!!!!!❤❤
Bhavneet Sarna
Bhavneet Sarna 16 kun oldin
The part after 2:10 >>>
Victoria Huynh
Victoria Huynh 17 kun oldin
seriously going to off myself if they break up
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU 17 kun oldin
okay, well there's 2 options ahead. And they look to be coming soon. 1. We get a breakup, or 2. We get a fake marriagement.
Alicia Souvelle
Alicia Souvelle 17 kun oldin
tithi 17 kun oldin
thank you, joe, for making her so happy 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU Kun oldin
@Taylor Swift memes it is
Taylor Swift memes
Taylor Swift memes Kun oldin
Jaylor forever
Taylor Swift memes
Taylor Swift memes Kun oldin
@Kaylor is real UwU no its not
tithi 16 kun oldin
@Kaylor is real UwU mhmm sure jan
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU 16 kun oldin
@tithi It is about karlie lmao.
Chris Camacho
Chris Camacho 17 kun oldin
What do you stand for?
Chris Camacho
Chris Camacho 17 kun oldin
Christians all over the world are going to see
Chris Camacho
Chris Camacho 17 kun oldin
Who Jesus?
Kaylor is real UwU
Kaylor is real UwU 17 kun oldin
Chris Camacho
Chris Camacho 17 kun oldin
Did one thing right?
Chris Camacho
Chris Camacho 17 kun oldin
Christian C
Chris Camacho
Chris Camacho 17 kun oldin
I’m real London
isra ucok
isra ucok 17 kun oldin
i swear this song gets better and better with every listen.
Dania Mazly
Dania Mazly 13 kun oldin
True 😭💕
StarlightChaarm 16 kun oldin
yuaius 18 kun oldin
I'm still crying while listening this
Francisco Valdivieso
Francisco Valdivieso 18 kun oldin
Las cicatrices que alguna vez odiaba Son la historia de mi vida Las veces en que me levanté entre ruinas. Nadie más a visto mis lágrimas Todos quieren saber quién besa mis labios ahora Sus labios son el mejor vino que he probado. Este chico venció a todos los complots que alguna vez estaban fuera de mi casa
Francisco Valdivieso
Francisco Valdivieso 18 kun oldin
El dibuja estrellas Dónde yo solo veo oscuridad
Julia Pollard
Julia Pollard 19 kun oldin
This version is AMAZING, don't get me wrong, but the acoustic version on SNL is PHENOMENAL!!
Ankita 19 kun oldin
Never moving on from Rep era and fresh new love feeling 🤷🏻‍♀️🥺
Emma Scarbrough
Emma Scarbrough 19 kun oldin
if you see me sobbing while screaming this song, mind your business.
Rachel Francis
Rachel Francis 20 kun oldin
Such a sweet song!!
Romeo Swifties
Romeo Swifties 20 kun oldin
Christmas is coming and this song is the warmest blanket I've ever worn.
Salluvinte Sallaapam
Salluvinte Sallaapam 20 kun oldin
love only love = lol
Janardhana Prasad
Janardhana Prasad 20 kun oldin
Taylor Proved that: None can make you *famous* , only your hard work and talent makes you famous
brandon alfredo hernandez rodriguez
brandon alfredo hernandez rodriguez 21 kun oldin
a beautiful pice of song it is
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 21 kun oldin
3 Years of Reputation
brandon alfredo hernandez rodriguez
brandon alfredo hernandez rodriguez 21 kun oldin
Courtney Hardin
Courtney Hardin 22 kun oldin
When I 1st hear this song I love it , you see my step dad where's the alcoholic and my mom got to work from him and I moved to Pittsburgh starts culinary school and everybody in my family didn't want me to go and stay in ohio. So this hit hard for me
Madelyn Perdue
Madelyn Perdue 22 kun oldin
Madelyn Perdue
Madelyn Perdue 22 kun oldin
i just realized how much this song resembles “the lakes”
Brianna Morales
Brianna Morales 22 kun oldin
"my baby's fit like a daydream, walking with his head down, I'm the one he's walking to."
Random girl
Random girl 22 kun oldin
Completely irrelevant But if that's Taylors handwriting through this video its so neat and beautiful
Ciara Owens
Ciara Owens 22 kun oldin
U know what i wance to call it..😇💯🤍💯😇
I'll Run....
بادي الوقت
بادي الوقت 22 kun oldin
بعدها بسمع خالد عبدالرحمن انتي اجمل 🥺 مشاعري مولع
Lanie 23 kun oldin
Viraj Choudhary
Viraj Choudhary 23 kun oldin
Shienna Marquez
Shienna Marquez 23 kun oldin
Thank you joe for coming in to our queen's life. 🥺💘💘💘
Madelyn Perdue
Madelyn Perdue 24 kun oldin
listening to this song after watching glee hits different. i need a finn necklace :(
Roy Christian
Roy Christian 24 kun oldin
after hearing this, im feeling being joe alwyn for 3 minutes
Rida Sameeha
Rida Sameeha 25 kun oldin
If Taylor and Joe break up, I am going to stop believing in love.
Kprhas Luher
Kprhas Luher 4 kun oldin
I would stay single forever if that ever happens. And would listen non-stop to what ever album that break up might bring. It'll sure would make us all cry. But atleast she won't cry alone, 'cause we'll always cry with her. May it be tears of sadness or tears of joy.
Mukona Ramovha
Mukona Ramovha 6 kun oldin
Why do people assume that c'mon they not gonna break up
STAN LOONA 7 kun oldin
Same, this morning I was telling myself that I'm worthy of love and how taylor found her "one" and I'll find mine as well, the joe to my taylor.
Katie Tremaine
Katie Tremaine 26 kun oldin
I love the way she says baby 💕 You can tell she was thinking of Joe when she recorded this track 🤤☺
lara cricks
lara cricks 26 kun oldin
I swear this feels like an exert from a diary, like I get all her songs are kind of like her diaries but this song!!!
i have heard at least five songs of taylor swift every day in quarantine
Yance Nazifah
Yance Nazifah 26 kun oldin
Love the lyrics n the arransment .❤️🔥
Tarcísio Dias
Tarcísio Dias 26 kun oldin
My favorite Taylor's song ever
Gaming With Nicko
Gaming With Nicko 26 kun oldin
Foster the people - call it what you want is better than this shit
C9 ATOMIC 27 kun oldin
why this song is not so much famous??
Sofia Tiberi
Sofia Tiberi 27 kun oldin
dios que temardo lpm
roger awkward
roger awkward 27 kun oldin
OHMYGOD SOOOCOOL awesome feel sound intro word play song writer NUT - SO COOL TY TS
Kyle Guarcello
Kyle Guarcello 27 kun oldin
Ifti Rahman
Ifti Rahman 27 kun oldin
3 years later and this song still sounds fresh as new. I'm really happy she's found her 'the one'. Love and light to you Taylor.
JustMe- Sakshi
JustMe- Sakshi 27 kun oldin
Someone asked why I loved her? Her lyrics are so unrelatable Me: 🤣🤣oh dear I'm really sorry to you
Alicia Souvelle
Alicia Souvelle 28 kun oldin
Prince Mawan
Prince Mawan 28 kun oldin
Shreya Singh
Shreya Singh 28 kun oldin
3 years to thissssssssss masterpiece ✨