Taylor Swift - End Game ft. Ed Sheeran, Future

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Frank J. Becker
Frank J. Becker Soat oldin
0:40 she did the Debby Ryan
Help me reach 25k for no reason challenge
Help me reach 25k for no reason challenge 3 soat oldin
I haven’t been able to concentrate since I heard this collab was happening
Mahima Dhami
Mahima Dhami 4 soat oldin
This song ain't getting old.
Miki Minach
Miki Minach 7 soat oldin
literally my favorite
akemiシ 18 soat oldin
the both of them really make a huge reputation lol
Tommo Malik
Tommo Malik 18 soat oldin
i love this video so much that it probably will be 2027 and im still going to be here
gavreylle samson
gavreylle samson 18 soat oldin
December 2020, anyone?
Jaya Dhillon
Jaya Dhillon 18 soat oldin
1:10 is a kitty beside Taylor!!!
vivegha Maestro
vivegha Maestro 19 soat oldin
How many of u are December Born..?😘 Raise your hands swiftieeeees..🙌
Chloe Matrundola
Chloe Matrundola 20 soat oldin
who remembers the premiere for this video?!?! can't believe taylor has released TWO albums since this and gotten grammy nominations for folklore
Sahiti Gandham
Sahiti Gandham 22 soat oldin
I love Taylors rapping in the end 3:21
Althaia 22 soat oldin
Vũ Tuấn Đặng
Vũ Tuấn Đặng Kun oldin
Nhạc Đuổi ( ( Nhạc Duỗi ( ( Đuổi 3 5 7 ( ( Duỗi 2 4 6 vậy lấy hơi là chủ nhật hay thứ hai là nhả cả tuần theo đuổi và duỗi còn chủ nhật không có trong số từ âm nhạc ??
Skeet_ yeet
Skeet_ yeet Kun oldin
Moonlight .Z
Moonlight .Z Kun oldin
This is the richest I've ever been
Mangla Gauri 2664
Mangla Gauri 2664 Kun oldin
In the era of folklore I m in love with reputation 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️I love this Taylor 🔥
Mangla Gauri 2664
Mangla Gauri 2664 Kun oldin
md al kadir
md al kadir Kun oldin
so nice drama I love it all in lovely
md al kadir
md al kadir Kun oldin
Big reputation -are you Taylor nor Selena ?
叶泓睿 Kun oldin
Watching Future and Taylor Swift in one music video is the weirdest yet dopest shit ever……
Amy Falls
Amy Falls Kun oldin
this song is underrated and this video is SUPER underrated
Blake-O Ryan Sands
Blake-O Ryan Sands Kun oldin
My favorite song right now..
tyriannadaine Kun oldin
I just noticed she's playing the snake game at 3:00
J. M. B.
J. M. B. 2 kun oldin
Dolly Gupta
Dolly Gupta 2 kun oldin
03:53 someone please feed that poor dog😂
Dolly Gupta
Dolly Gupta 2 kun oldin
Haters: Taylor can't dance Taylor: Hold my kitties
rodan_yt 2 kun oldin
lil bean
lil bean 2 kun oldin
i heard this once somewhr, totally forgot bout it, ignore it on my recc, n finnaly clicked lol
Nafisha Akhtar
Nafisha Akhtar 2 kun oldin
I am here in November 2020 and what about you.
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 2 kun oldin
It took me some years to get 2:59 her playing snake means her playing snake. In better words her playing the game snake is her playing the role of a snake she did in this era
Titly Samanta
Titly Samanta 3 kun oldin
This is practically one of the best songs.......Just another ex love you don't wanna seee
Saurosabani Sabani
Saurosabani Sabani 3 kun oldin
La Joya
La Joya 3 kun oldin
Ed Sheeran raps than every other rappers he scores more than him😍🤩✨💥 This is Ed Sheeran🔥
Aynur Army
Aynur Army 3 kun oldin
Mükəmməl mahnıdı
Akane Sasu
Akane Sasu 3 kun oldin
My birthday party song theme while inviting the guy that I like😂
•Styles Light•
•Styles Light• 3 kun oldin
The video will be three years old at any moment, damn time goes by fast who keeps listening 2020 before the end of the damn year
Potton Scy
Potton Scy 3 kun oldin
the fireworks were EVERYTHING
Queen Yost W Bush
Queen Yost W Bush 3 kun oldin
Princess Taylor🇺🇸
Raquel Cañas
Raquel Cañas 3 kun oldin
Alguien en español ❤️
Satakshi Bhandari
Satakshi Bhandari 4 kun oldin
This song is so underrated . One of my fav song from the album reputation
Mukesh Munieswaran
Mukesh Munieswaran 4 kun oldin
Berleen Villanueva
Berleen Villanueva 4 kun oldin
beat z
beat z 4 kun oldin
Ensgame .captain America:taylor assemble
Nanda 4 kun oldin
taylor and irene queens of wearing that rainbow dress
Svr Svr
Svr Svr 4 kun oldin
listening on thanksgiving 2020. Greetings from México city
Jamakia Englanddavenport
Jamakia Englanddavenport 5 kun oldin
Why so obsessed
Ann-Kathrin Roth
Ann-Kathrin Roth 5 kun oldin
This video is everything. It’s one of her best videos. This video and song deserve way more attention
Akouma Bissioer Archange Michel
Akouma Bissioer Archange Michel 5 kun oldin
Mark Diehl
Mark Diehl 5 kun oldin
You make Me Laugh! Taylor i Loved You the First Time I Saw You Babe! Ah 😁
farias rivera
farias rivera 5 kun oldin
sin ay
sin ay 6 kun oldin
bIg rEPputAtiON
Andre Medlin
Andre Medlin 6 kun oldin
My heart goes out to you Taylor for standing up for your rights and never let anyone control nor less take away any of prize musical work much love
Annabelle Endgame
Annabelle Endgame 6 kun oldin
Big reputation, big reputation I got big reputation
Sara Nawres
Sara Nawres 6 kun oldin
I really love all Taylor Swift songs but damn this song is my favorite forever ♾♥️😞
welvin doo
welvin doo 6 kun oldin
This song should get 1 billion views
Júlio Cézar
Júlio Cézar 6 kun oldin
2 years later, If you're watching this your a legend
Jamakia Englanddavenport
Jamakia Englanddavenport 7 kun oldin
I'm interested
Got7 Got7
Got7 Got7 7 kun oldin
Love it 2020
Got7 Got7
Got7 Got7 7 kun oldin
Taylor swift 🔥🔥
Jhennyffer Leal
Jhennyffer Leal 7 kun oldin
Louca de pinga, louca de pinga eu e minhas amigas estamos loucas de pinga, então desce uma Catu q estamos com fogo no ** 🎶
PRABIR PAL 7 kun oldin
Folklore live sessions coming you guys!!!!!!!!
Zịt Bé
Zịt Bé 7 kun oldin
Favorite song💖💗💗💗
Janren Dela Cruz
Janren Dela Cruz 7 kun oldin
This song is underrated....
Likhon Alif
Likhon Alif 8 kun oldin
meher dekhsos ?
Hercules Puga
Hercules Puga 8 kun oldin
search UZpost for hercules Puga's channel 🙋🏻‍♂️🇧🇷
mill the boom
mill the boom 8 kun oldin
Come vibe with me lol
mill the boom
mill the boom 8 kun oldin
Mah -
Mah - 8 kun oldin
beautiful song
Nic M3
Nic M3 8 kun oldin
Amazing song
平林由美子 8 kun oldin
テーラー 私達は、Aチームだ テーラーAチームの ボスだ。
Jazira Victoria
Jazira Victoria 8 kun oldin
Derrick corry
Derrick corry 8 kun oldin
colour ur life
colour ur life 8 kun oldin
The expression(3.27) nailed it
Akouma Bissioer Archange Michel
Akouma Bissioer Archange Michel 8 kun oldin
Really in love with this Amazing song.
Mah -
Mah - 8 kun oldin
Kee Studio
Kee Studio 9 kun oldin
Who listening to this song from spy academy intro?
Pablo Urquieta
Pablo Urquieta 9 kun oldin
The first half of the song is meh...the other half...i love it
Bipin Sindhav
Bipin Sindhav 9 kun oldin
Samay Raina's Endgame is far better than you 😂😂😂😂
Snow White
Snow White 9 kun oldin
This song and video both are highly underrated..... And this is making me depressed
Rita Lamptey
Rita Lamptey 9 kun oldin
I like the way everyone is forgetting that Future is also part of the song
Esmeralda Zavala
Esmeralda Zavala 9 kun oldin
recuerdo cuando me mamaba esta canción
Esmeralda Zavala
Esmeralda Zavala 9 kun oldin
Need more supportt
alondra. 10 kun oldin
mamá taylor swift me hizo gay
AANG 666
AANG 666 10 kun oldin
Thanos's long lost girlfriend
no one
no one 10 kun oldin
This song is so cool with class
Shaznewa 10 kun oldin
I swear I dont love the drama it loves me
YASHVI1 YADAV 10 kun oldin
iiiiiiiiiii love you Taylor
tvtime2122 10 kun oldin
This song and the “Monster Cover by Clover Cage” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you....
Kiran Sawh
Kiran Sawh 7 kun oldin
@Savannah Dixon several hundred times before
Savannah Dixon
Savannah Dixon 10 kun oldin
I've seen this comment before...
Bandhan Jha
Bandhan Jha 10 kun oldin
Pure cringe
Leeeo 9 kun oldin
that is what i said when i saw your comment
Riya Prem Anandh
Riya Prem Anandh 10 kun oldin
I really like this song I always listen to it.😁
Kimchi Chu
Kimchi Chu 10 kun oldin
Happy edivercherry
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 10 kun oldin
“Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me”. We love you Taylor Swift.
Aazair Farooqui
Aazair Farooqui 11 kun oldin
I just come here every day for Ed sheeran
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval 11 kun oldin
“Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me” We love you Taylor Swift.
Max. M
Max. M 11 kun oldin
I hope some day the thing they talked about come true
Mo's Extroardinary Persona
Mo's Extroardinary Persona 11 kun oldin
~Wassup y'all...hope y'all ready to get the day out the way...I know it hasn't even started yet...lol .But I got that Ovatime, so tomorrow my Friday...lol..but nonetheless we gon push thru whatever day it is...Me & my co-workers Makin it happen to get items to the Beauty-Full Civilians & Customers...especially for those who are buying items for the holidays...Whether u celebrate the holidays or not make it work in your own way...lolol..Got them words of wisdom from an OG player...matter fact I don't remember where I got it from ..but I got it from somewhere..lol..so just take it and don't ask me no questions...LOL..."And you know thisss Maaaan"...LOLOL..(Chris Tucker aka Smokey from "Friday" the movie voice...LOLOL)
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi 11 kun oldin
I,m a lover of reputation
vilma Rocha
vilma Rocha 11 kun oldin
Show de de demais essa música da dalaa
Brenda Leyva
Brenda Leyva 11 kun oldin
;D :p :3
Brenda Leyva
Brenda Leyva 11 kun oldin
ya she did i like her
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