Taylor Swift - betty (Live from the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards)

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“betty” Live from the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards

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cheyenne moseley
cheyenne moseley 2 soat oldin
imagine composing a song with your boyfriend................yeah, only imagine
nicol santande
nicol santande 3 soat oldin
i love this song
Nhygil Dela Cruz
Nhygil Dela Cruz 4 soat oldin
Ashlyn Lagana
Ashlyn Lagana 5 soat oldin
She still has her old spark ⚡️ ❤️❤️
Summer Simmonds
Summer Simmonds 5 soat oldin
Do You Like ESPN?!
Out Of Curiosity
Out Of Curiosity 7 soat oldin
Taylor and Joe did a great job with this song!
Soumya Pal
Soumya Pal 8 soat oldin
Guys stream folklore.Make it 2Billion on Spotify. It's already 1.3b
Kleanne Czarhea Barretto
Kleanne Czarhea Barretto 10 soat oldin
so if William Bowery is Joe, the lyric "I was nowhere to be found i hate the crowds you know that, plus i saw you dance with him" was on the met gala while taylor was dancing with tom? Joe stared at them while they were dancing?
Ranjbar Fatih
Ranjbar Fatih 10 soat oldin
I have been addicted with this Song! She is incredibly cute! It's been 2 years that I haven't had a day without listening to Sweet Taylor! Love and respect ❤👏
Abaho Frank
Abaho Frank 12 soat oldin
Jaithra Bommisetty
Jaithra Bommisetty 12 soat oldin
Thank you so much for being with me through all the tough times. Thank you Taylor ❤️❤️
ana yan
ana yan 12 soat oldin
Just imagine if the harmonium guy is Joe
زينب بنت الناصريهTF
زينب بنت الناصريهTF 14 soat oldin
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan 14 soat oldin
I choose to stay alone.
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan 14 soat oldin
They should strip you of your royalties for extorting me.
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan 14 soat oldin
You should held accountable for lying to children other grown adult.
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan 14 soat oldin
I don't trust you what so ever I know you're fake.
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan 14 soat oldin
You're fake I wouldn't trust you.
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan 14 soat oldin
No one should ever trust you.
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan 14 soat oldin
Come near me so I can sue you.
Steven Jordan
Steven Jordan 14 soat oldin
I'll write what I please.
Jonas Borres
Jonas Borres 15 soat oldin
Now I can say. She is indeed perfect. ❤️❤️❤️
Orne Ry
Orne Ry 16 soat oldin
Im only 17, i dont know anything but i know i miss you.
A. S
A. S 18 soat oldin
omg i'm so in love ...she's amazing
Amber Conley
Amber Conley 21 soat oldin
Vinicio Robalino
Vinicio Robalino Kun oldin
I really like all taylors but I really have missed this taylor
Edu's - O Mundo Invertido
Edu's - O Mundo Invertido Kun oldin
tão linda
Epic Rhino Films
Epic Rhino Films Kun oldin
Is it bad that I'm judging the cinematography in this video more than the actual song? I'm actually paying attention to the cinematography instead of the actually music. Is that bad?
Blank Kun oldin
Rachel Francis
Rachel Francis Kun oldin
Is this the guitar she auctioned?
Bella Honey
Bella Honey Kun oldin
Now we can clearly see why Joe Alwyn is so in love with this beautiful person!
Mimi Furr
Mimi Furr Kun oldin
My tailor your always the best...
eric li
eric li Kun oldin
*please please.......support this music genius's Grammy Nominated album on apple music download*
eric li
eric li Kun oldin
*please please.......support this music genius's Grammy Nominated album on apple music download*
Sharad Mathur
Sharad Mathur Kun oldin
yall she showed up at my party
mahsa amini
mahsa amini Kun oldin
She is just like a shining star on that stage Beautiful and lovely Peaceful voice 🌟🌟🎤🎤👌👏
MyFandomLife Kun oldin
This performance is so beautiful. She has an incredible voice, and the song is amazing (as well as all of her other songs of course). When this album came out in July, I was so excited fro all her new music, and as always, it never dissapoints. I'm so incredibly grateful to be alive at the same time as Taylor Swift. Love you Taylor ❤️
Sreeja Devadas
Sreeja Devadas Kun oldin
Ohhh Girl......not againnn..Me to myself : Just one more time..😍😍😘😘😅😅🤩🤩
Cha De Luna
Cha De Luna 2 kun oldin
Taylor swift with her guitar will always be classic ♡
Aryaka Mehta
Aryaka Mehta 2 kun oldin
I cry every time when I hear this song😪
Sheena Calagahan
Sheena Calagahan 2 kun oldin
Muhammed Faris pk
Muhammed Faris pk 2 kun oldin
Like Taylor Lovers from the heart ❤️
Lorena Pacheco Jaque
Lorena Pacheco Jaque 2 kun oldin
she makes me feel so fragil :´(
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor 2 kun oldin
10 million keep going!
Rado ANDRIANIRINA 2 kun oldin
10 M views guys
Saadia Barlas
Saadia Barlas 2 kun oldin
Give her grammy for literally just rhyming cardigan with car again. Like do you know another artist who can do that?
Christopher Fitzpatrick
Christopher Fitzpatrick 2 kun oldin
What a star ahhh so cute and beautiful
Sriya Manda
Sriya Manda 2 kun oldin
If u don't love this then u love nothing
Camilo Sapag
Camilo Sapag 2 kun oldin
Those harmonica bendings 😍
STAN LOONA 2 kun oldin
I'll change my name to Betty
Brenda Arangurí
Brenda Arangurí 2 kun oldin
Folklore deserves Album of the Year!!
Niklays Malklson
Niklays Malklson 2 kun oldin
Betty from Riverdale)!
Paul Cristian Cañal
Paul Cristian Cañal 2 kun oldin
She is theTaylor Swift that I know! 😊
Somesh 2 kun oldin
the worst thing that i ever did was what i did to you !!
C C 2 kun oldin
Ahem. Take note lighting designers (I'm talking to whoever did it for the AMAs), this is how you should light a performance...you actually can *see* the performer's face. What a concept.
Ras Chr
Ras Chr 3 kun oldin
I would read a fantasy or historical novel written by this woman. And listen to it too, if she reads the audiobook herself.
Anjali Patel
Anjali Patel 3 kun oldin
IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN I HOPE TO MEET U SOMEDAY BECAUSE U ARE MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER AND IV BEEN A FAN MY WHOLE LIFE ( btw I’m 11) and your music is the best also one of my favorite songs of yours is bad blood I listen to that a lot
Joe Tekulve
Joe Tekulve 3 kun oldin
Gorgeous , 11/28/'20 , Love Ya Still , Yes ! Always Will !!!
Clement Arpon
Clement Arpon 3 kun oldin
Heartwarming,,, See how pretty she looks here!!!
Christine Joy Bacuño
Christine Joy Bacuño 3 kun oldin
That stare at 4:15 ❤✨
Moo 60
Moo 60 3 kun oldin
Love ❤️❤️❤️Folklore .... and Taylor!!!!!!
Fotini Chondrou
Fotini Chondrou 3 kun oldin
This hits differently now that we know that Taylor wrote this with Joe
Ali Sefik Yildirim
Ali Sefik Yildirim 3 kun oldin
Taylor; your beautiful music is very nice.🎼
Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh 3 kun oldin
Kya baat hai !
PRABIR PAL 2 kun oldin
Indian swiftie here as well!!!!
AIM 02
AIM 02 3 kun oldin
I keep singing Betty everyday as much as I could. Bc I'm 17 now and about get Outta this amazing age on December 18, after that I couldn't relate this line "I'm only 17, I don't know anything but I know I Miss you"... I wanna cry So I don't wanna miss Betty a single day til I'm 18:) I love you Betty ;)
Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh 3 kun oldin
Your music is healing.
Theresa Sanoria
Theresa Sanoria 3 kun oldin
Thank you for making me feel better whenever I'm sad and down, I'll just play your songs ❤️ Loving you since day1.
boys love
boys love 3 kun oldin
Betty-i am only seventeen I don't know anything Cardigan-when you are younger they assume you know nothing
magic Butterfly
magic Butterfly 2 kun oldin
very contradicting
okay freedom
okay freedom 3 kun oldin
Джо повезло, что у него есть Тейлор. Джо! Тебе Повезло!
ɴᴀᴅɪʀᴀ ᴀʙᴅᴜʟ ᴍᴛᴠ
ɴᴀᴅɪʀᴀ ᴀʙᴅᴜʟ ᴍᴛᴠ 3 kun oldin
this is better than Miley
Elise Liu
Elise Liu 3 kun oldin
the performance is better than the original audio lmao
Ingrid Lai
Ingrid Lai 3 kun oldin
What if Betty is Taylor and this song is written from joes POV?!😱
Mark James
Mark James 3 kun oldin
I love you Taylor Swift 😣❤
Republic Taiwan
Republic Taiwan 3 kun oldin
Way to go👍
Alina J
Alina J 3 kun oldin
I can't stop listening to this on repeat😍
R A 3 kun oldin
Getaway car:- "think about the place we first met ,in the getaway car" Betty:- "kissin in my car AGAIN" This is Taylor people
blueprint. 3 kun oldin
Taylor, I hope you're happy in Narnia.
Willian Will
Willian Will 4 kun oldin
Love you girl ❤🥰
Sky Aeris
Sky Aeris 4 kun oldin
MadelineASMR 4 kun oldin
No one: Literally no one: Me: BUT IF I JUST SHOWED UP AT YOUR PARTY!!!!!!!
Nancy Hidalgo
Nancy Hidalgo 4 kun oldin
Angel Bernaldez
Angel Bernaldez 4 kun oldin
So much proud for this woman!!!❤❤❤
Gil Ariel Voluntad
Gil Ariel Voluntad 4 kun oldin
My Queen I court you always because I honor and I love you eternal and Greatest.1 Corinthians 13:13
Gil Ariel Voluntad
Gil Ariel Voluntad 4 kun oldin
Hi Yahweh my love your so amazing your looks your so Grate singinger I'm your fans in my teen ager age your wize because I'll love you that's why I'll make you happy and I'll make happy too I'll happy most people in that your my wife I'm so so lucky because your taylor swift I love you eternal everasting(ambot sa imo)I don't know you🤪😁✌️🤣joke only don't worry your gorgeous I love you so much couse I care for you
Christabel 4 kun oldin
Here's a big hug to every one watching this. The entire folklore album feels like a warm hug.
PRABIR PAL 3 kun oldin
To you too. And you're right!!!! 🤗🤗🤗
Gustavo Baron
Gustavo Baron 4 kun oldin
best music ever
Melek Kara
Melek Kara 4 kun oldin
August 2.46: Remember when I pulled and she said get in the car. Betty 2.46: She said "James, get in, let's drive" -Taylor Swift is really genius.
natasha romanoff
natasha romanoff 4 kun oldin
So beautiful
Jen B
Jen B 4 kun oldin
The fact that Taylor confirmed that Joe helped write this song makes it even better...if that's even possible! ♥️
Manas Nageshwar
Manas Nageshwar 4 kun oldin
Somi 4 kun oldin
10 million vi3ws finally!! Next target - 13 m (^3^) !!
Colton Dieringer
Colton Dieringer 4 kun oldin
Better than Carrie Underwood or Miranda lambert screaming into the mic. Change my mind
Who is loving this song? Fans be like : who wouldn't 😶
H. U.
H. U. 4 kun oldin
*So Joe Alwyn wrote this 🤩*
Paul Ina
Paul Ina 4 kun oldin
Nthg can give a vibe lke Betty ryt now😍Jaylorrr❤️
sahin coskundeniz
sahin coskundeniz 4 kun oldin
perfekt songs .magician 2-1
Willmandon Lyngdoh
Willmandon Lyngdoh 4 kun oldin
Joe did a wonderful job🤩
Sanjal Jain
Sanjal Jain 4 kun oldin
feels like a pheobe buffay song
Ravinder Naik
Ravinder Naik 5 kun oldin
The greatest artist ever....
Damian Gallo
Damian Gallo 5 kun oldin
Is that a Billie Joe Armstrong acoustic??
afzan nasri
afzan nasri 5 kun oldin
Taylor swift live performance in the middle of the stage with just her and her guitar and a spotlight on her is the reason im breathing happy today. It just hit differently, don't you think?
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