Taylor Swift - exile (feat. Bon Iver) (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric video by Taylor Swift feat. Bon Iver performing “exile” - off her album ‘folklore.’
Album available here: store.taylorswift.com
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Virginia Mathers
Virginia Mathers Soat oldin
This is the perfect metamorian fusion between two heartbreaking voices.
DIP Anuj
DIP Anuj 2 soat oldin
At 0:25 u can hear birds chirping... This may symbolize how everything is normal outside but the situation inside the house is totally contrasting.... Meaning that everything in the world just goes on...... It can also mean that the girl would find some peace after exiting the house, especially the relationship
Janardhana Prasad
Janardhana Prasad 2 soat oldin
90%: This song is magical 10%: Lyrics are so small *None but me* : Hatsoff to the man who's walking all through the video😊😂
Sean Klein Nicolay Austria
Sean Klein Nicolay Austria 3 soat oldin
Em Asian
Em Asian 4 soat oldin
I'm here for Bon Iver
Oyun_ Bağımlıları
Oyun_ Bağımlıları 4 soat oldin
Millet türk varmı ?
H NS 5 soat oldin
01 Desember 2020
TL d
TL d 6 soat oldin
look at the likes omfg this is doing very well for an unpromoted non-single
Adequate Bus
Adequate Bus 7 soat oldin
50,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong. -C
Vincent Peeters
Vincent Peeters 7 soat oldin
Yes, You gave so many signs. I'm sorry. I was blind.
Dhanush Reddy
Dhanush Reddy 7 soat oldin
Well I’m gonna be here before 100 million views and even after that Who’s with me
Виталий Скибин
Виталий Скибин 7 soat oldin
Wonderful 👍🙂🙂🙂
Aurora Günlükleri
Aurora Günlükleri 8 soat oldin
Let's see how many people are watching this today??? Likeee.💙
Céline montagne
Céline montagne 8 soat oldin
J'adore cette chanson
Sponge baboo
Sponge baboo 8 soat oldin
Came back here for about hundreds of times. Masterpiece indeed!! Advance thanks for the likes. Mwuah. Hahaha
wasim shayna
wasim shayna 9 soat oldin
grammy's waiting..
Faareha Imtiaz
Faareha Imtiaz 9 soat oldin
Ramieverse !
Ramieverse ! 11 soat oldin
Cant wait to experience my first breakup and blast this when im feeling ✨Deppressed ✨
boys love
boys love 11 soat oldin
I can totally imagine two people meeting accidentally after breakup and their conversation or is just talking in their minds with looking at eachother
Pragyakshi Saxena
Pragyakshi Saxena 11 soat oldin
10k dislikes😓 ,so it's confirmed aliens have arrived cause I don't know a human who can dislike this song.👽
Pragyakshi Saxena
Pragyakshi Saxena 7 soat oldin
@the folklore detective 😓🤷🏻‍♀️
the folklore detective
the folklore detective 8 soat oldin
it's the rats disliking this
Zaina Fathima
Zaina Fathima 11 soat oldin
Love it
akhum chg
akhum chg 12 soat oldin
😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️This song is a magnet that keeps me coming back every time.
Carlicia Powell
Carlicia Powell 12 soat oldin
So no one talking about Bon Iver??? Cause I'm here for him!!
dizzy doctor
dizzy doctor 12 soat oldin
Is kanye making fake accounts to give dislikes?
Yusef Ramirez
Yusef Ramirez 13 soat oldin
I gave so many signs..... 😭
Sunila Sali Koshy
Sunila Sali Koshy 15 soat oldin
i wish all music was like this. pure genius. hope exile wins the grammys
OutTheBlue 15 soat oldin
I imagine a cello and violin doing a duet
Randal Williams
Randal Williams 16 soat oldin
That damn girl in distress! Some things never chance
Randal Williams
Randal Williams 16 soat oldin
Daisy was POW
Satvik Kakarla
Satvik Kakarla 18 soat oldin
there is no way this is not winning the grammy
derek fuller
derek fuller 19 soat oldin
Do you watch ice hockey games on television? Guessing you might enjoy talking about sports statistics, and other opportunities being asked to question selections about singing showcases
ziah putri
ziah putri 19 soat oldin
idk why but am crying
marta ebau
marta ebau 20 soat oldin
But the lady in the lake was different now, the lady in the lake was also Dani, and Dani wouldn’t, Dani would never
Laura Fidrych
Laura Fidrych 20 soat oldin
This is such an amazing song.
Halo Kay
Halo Kay 20 soat oldin
Halo Kay
Halo Kay 11 soat oldin
@jui bhat did u not read the comment right above you-
jui bhat
jui bhat 17 soat oldin
Stole please ... He's not a thief
Halo Kay
Halo Kay 18 soat oldin
@Marshmallows are awesome lmfaooo obviously he didn’t take the Grammy himself sis. I’m saying this the dude who won the Grammy over her when she should’ve won. Nb is saying it was his fault “you need to calm down”🙄
Marshmallows are awesome
Marshmallows are awesome 18 soat oldin
She didn't steal it they gave it to him. stop trying to blame the artist who wins when its the organisation who messes shit up.
Tina Dalvi
Tina Dalvi 21 soat oldin
I went to description to see The name William Bowery
Nicole Eleuterio
Nicole Eleuterio 21 soat oldin
i can imagine listening on this song on a wistful day, riding a cab, just staring at the window, running pass trees and it is raining.
Jordi Torró
Jordi Torró 21 soat oldin
This song is something that can’t be explained. It’s an emotion. It’s like chills and goosebumps from beginning to end.
E B 21 soat oldin
Taylor’s best album. So much to relate to and unpack. Amazing.
Gloria Ratcliffe Szawlowski
Gloria Ratcliffe Szawlowski 22 soat oldin
I wish people wouldn’t take everything so literally sometimes. It’s like the work speaks for itself 💙
Than Ky
Than Ky 22 soat oldin
Sophia J
Sophia J 23 soat oldin
taylor's a judecardan wbk
Nana noona
Nana noona Kun oldin
The best song for rescue my heart
Homaira Sultana
Homaira Sultana Kun oldin
Who's here after finding out 'William Bowery's actually Joe Alwyn who co-wrote the song?
Fatehatul Ferdousi
Fatehatul Ferdousi Kun oldin
BTS brought meh hereeeh!💘
Kaina Gabs
Kaina Gabs Kun oldin
This is a musical and lyrical masterpiece - a true form of art. I got goosebumps the first time I listened to this (still, even after numerous times) and I also cried even though I haven't experienced that kind of situation, that only means that this song is truly a legend. This is now my favorite TS song of all time as of the moment.... I hope this wins at the Grammys (and Folklore too)
Nicole herrera
Nicole herrera Kun oldin
la mejor del álbum si
igh ghy
igh ghy Kun oldin
노래가 너무 아름답다
Eris Sasqia Mei Liana
Eris Sasqia Mei Liana Kun oldin
I love it😍
Samiksha Singh
Samiksha Singh Kun oldin
Best song in history Hit like ❤️
Vampire Ranger
Vampire Ranger Kun oldin
Joe Alwyn, never ever break this woman's heart, 'cause we couldn't afford her album about losing you...
eirini papadopoulou
eirini papadopoulou Kun oldin
Taylor make to start writing songs I want to be a singer
Vorrapol Chuenim
Vorrapol Chuenim Kun oldin
I am a big fan from Thailand.
Nghệ sĩ nhân dân Cardi B
Nghệ sĩ nhân dân Cardi B Kun oldin
I love this song, but bon iver is shit
Nghệ sĩ nhân dân Cardi B
Nghệ sĩ nhân dân Cardi B 15 soat oldin
@Marshmallows are awesome hmm right i love you
Marshmallows are awesome
Marshmallows are awesome 18 soat oldin
he is not can y'all stop blaming the artist when it the grammy organisation that is shit .
Art miraA
Art miraA Kun oldin
Iverson Pacua
Iverson Pacua Kun oldin
I love you taytay
Abigail Miranda
Abigail Miranda Kun oldin
exile? mi canción
Jess23 Kun oldin
William and Nils for songwriters of the year 🏆
mahsa amini
mahsa amini Kun oldin
The best thing for being free in this Corona virus
aubreyslolo Kun oldin
this is my second favorie in the album🖤
Karyme Guzman
Karyme Guzman Kun oldin
Country 😍beauty song!
Brandon Groskopf
Brandon Groskopf Kun oldin
If you close your eyes it sounds like Etika
Aliya 19
Aliya 19 Kun oldin
kesini karena manuuu😭
Shakira Hitomi
Shakira Hitomi Kun oldin
@Wahyu Taufiq rios
Wahyu Taufiq
Wahyu Taufiq Kun oldin
manu apaa?🙈
The forgetful nugget
The forgetful nugget Kun oldin
In all seriousness though, that poor man keeps ending up in the same spot he's just trying to get to where hes going. 😔
K. T.
K. T. Kun oldin
Thanks William aka JOE 😂🥺💕
Lady Elizabeth
Lady Elizabeth Kun oldin
I feel like this song will fit so well with scenes from the crown
Rafe Archer
Rafe Archer 2 kun oldin
When that Bon Iver part occurs it certainly hits you right in the feels. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift's music by any means nor do I like that generic and repetitive country style of "Folklore" that you hear in every nowadays' melodrama, but that song right here as a featuring is a masterpiece and should win the Grammy it's been nominated for. Credit when credit is due and it certainly is here.
Kardashian Vevo
Kardashian Vevo 2 kun oldin
Sara 2 kun oldin
popular opinion : there is not a best song on folklore the are all masterpiece
Sara 2 kun oldin
this is not the song of the year this this is the song of the decade
Izuaan Abdul salaam
Izuaan Abdul salaam 2 kun oldin
Such a beautifully written song ❤️ and sung so beautifully
Alfredo Beltran Arauco Gomez
Alfredo Beltran Arauco Gomez 2 kun oldin
Taylor you are so wonderful
Harshu Y
Harshu Y 2 kun oldin
This should win a grammy. I want to see Taylor and Joe thanking fans together on stage. 🙋
Mônica Gonçalves Zorzo
Mônica Gonçalves Zorzo 2 kun oldin
Melody Chen
Melody Chen 2 kun oldin
legends 🥺
Querenecia' 2 kun oldin
Joe william bowery
Knight 2 kun oldin
KqmxLe0n 2 kun oldin
If you can read this, you have eyes
Swiftz Heart
Swiftz Heart 2 kun oldin
The fact that we got a whole album instead of Cruel Summer gets me everytime XD
Eljone Balingit
Eljone Balingit 2 kun oldin
Treesh xd
Treesh xd 2 kun oldin
"You're not my homeland anymore" I could almost feel the pain.
Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 2 kun oldin
Dear Nicki Minaj, before dragging Taylor and Bon Iver, make sure you have at least a quarter of talent in your blood.
Roizel Diez
Roizel Diez 2 kun oldin
lets all stand up for the grammy nominated song exile
Kuma Kim
Kuma Kim 2 kun oldin
Why is this song soooooo perfect😭
Athena Queen
Athena Queen 2 kun oldin
Really love this song
Everosiellie :p
Everosiellie :p 2 kun oldin
This is so beautiful. I can't believe how much this can describe people anymore... Taylor Swift DESERVES a grammy, her voice.. I can't- Joe and Taylor's voices compliment each other so much, they really do. Bon Iver helps it so much too. New favorite song-
Christine Harris
Christine Harris Kun oldin
Can you hear Joe?
Kayo Pauxis
Kayo Pauxis 2 kun oldin
Deserves Grammy
Gidget Mcgerbil
Gidget Mcgerbil 2 kun oldin
Funny how her worst music is when she's not trying to impress anyone
Gidget Mcgerbil
Gidget Mcgerbil 2 kun oldin
the soundtrack to Tarzan is better than folklore 🦍
PRABIR PAL 2 kun oldin
Lol, imma be real, folklore is 2021 AOTY
COMPUTER TECH 2 kun oldin
Knji in The Life
Knji in The Life 2 kun oldin
This álbum is beautiful ✨🏆, the songs is especials
Nada Raffat
Nada Raffat 2 kun oldin
This song is really nothing behind dynamite of bts... So I am really proud and feel kind of comfort
Hafiz Mohd Rasid
Hafiz Mohd Rasid 2 kun oldin
i hope mad woman also have mv 😭
Esther 2 kun oldin
Random girl
Random girl 2 kun oldin
Joe needs to write more masterpieces with Taylor who agrees
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 2 kun oldin
If this is what she does in lockdown someone throw away the key.
Luan Gomes
Luan Gomes 2 kun oldin
The best song of Folklore 💖
Glistening Snow
Glistening Snow 2 kun oldin
What a beautiful song...so glad it was nominated for a Grammy.
seda turung
seda turung 3 kun oldin
Lütfen bu kadar mükemmel olma 🍬🍫
Berdo Tomato
Berdo Tomato 3 kun oldin
This song is like a Disney Song
Nguy Tuy
Nguy Tuy 3 kun oldin
A la verga.
Yahoska García
Yahoska García 3 kun oldin
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